PlayStation price drop "soon"

"On the back of ongoing rumours, CVG has been told that Sony has informed retailers of a looming price drop for both the PS3 and PSP "soon", but is yet to specify an exact date.

A major UK high street retailer told us this morning that they've received word from Sony regarding PSP and PS3 price drops "definitely coming soon", but that it was yet to confirm when or by how much."

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ape0073502d ago

it's confirmed now

more ps3 sales=more games\3rd party support utilizing ps3 potential+more games build up on ps3+more companies going to support home

and ms will try to compete and we all know competition is good for all us


Nineball21123502d ago

I agree that MS will try to compete, but I'm not sure what else they can do?

With the momentum that Sony has going for it right now with all of these games available currently PLUS all the games coming out the rest of this year... I don't know. I think MS has just about benefited all they can from the price drop they did last fall.

MS can only drop their prices so much... I can't see them dropping them much lower. If they don't announce some pretty spectacular games for X360 soon, it's going to be rough for them, imo.

Does anyone think they'll come out with a X360 slim or will they just wait and start selling the X720 (or whatever they'll call it)?

MURKERR3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

360s cheapest console out there so im sure if anyone wants one they'd have one by now a further price drop wont do much, what microsoft needs is exclusive games because sony with its exclusives this year and a price drop is going to be a formidible force

ActionBastard3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I think the have benefited as much as they can from the price drop, right now at least. Look at last month's NPD. The $199/299/399 360 outsold the $399/499 PS3 by just 100k. Granted, the economy is in the sh!tter, but 100k doesn't scream dominance to me. With what we know is coming to the 360 vs. what's coming to the PS3, you're right, if they don't show exclusive reasons to own a 360 it will be rough.

And that's before any GDC or E# surprises from Sony. Stephen Totilo video blogged about the lack of game demos from MS in comparison to last year. Next blogged about how the PS3's lineup looked great. No worries in a nutshell. That says it all to me. I've listened to him on 1up and while he sucks at SF, he knows games and is honest. The ball really is in Sony's court and they do need to drop the price. If only that greatest hits bundle was $299.

soxfan20053502d ago

What else can MS do?

The primary, best selling 360 SKU is now at $299 after 3+ years - which was the STARTING price for consoles such as PS1, PS2, and Xbox.

The 360 Pro started at $399 in 2005, it's now $299 - a 25% drop over 3+ years. the Arcade (formerly core) started at $299, now it's $199. Plus - both have added features as prices dropped. In contrast, PS3's primary SKU started at $599, now it's $399 - already dropped in price by 33%. If Sony drops the price to $299, that would be a full 50%. Believe me, MS has PLENTY of room to position the 360 against whatever it's competitors decide to to. MS can still drop prices in a similar percentage to what Sony does, or they can bundle popular games like Sony will be doing.

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frayer3502d ago

I can't wait to see the tears...

psycho3603502d ago

Of who? the people who paid $700 for it or recently $499?

blackpanther253502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

why would they be mad they got full backwards capability, more usb ports, and different memory card readers with their systems.

Ju3502d ago

Why would any current PS3 owner be mad ? I'd certainly welcome anyone joining the PS3 family to enjoy what we all do since two years.

frayer3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

The 360 will be made redundant as the PS3 pushes onward...

Hard drive
Free online
Superior exclusives
Growing game libary

Done deal.

KionicWarlord2223502d ago

know it wont be redundant.xbox360 and ps3s are stll selling . fanbase us heavily established . doubt the xbox 360 will dip out.

TheMART3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

PS3 on 299

360 giving the same graphics or in 95% of multiplats the better graphics/framerate/version with no expensive making stuff thats not needed for the same game experience (BluRay/movies, wifi, bluetooth etc.).

So PS3 on 299. What happens if Microsoft drops the price of the Premium to 149 to 179?

Exactly. The mass of people buys around or under 200 bucks. PS3 still doesn't sell a lot better, Microsoft keeps the price advantage and builds further on those people wanting to buy a console for about 150 bucks instead of 200 or even the more expensive 299 and still are able to play:

Tekken 6
Bioshock 2
Lost Planet 2

All the major games. All the PS3 exclusives are nice, I really like LBP but look how little it sold to the installed base of 21 mln. users. Resistance 2, KZ2... For the mass of people that buys a console those don't matter that much. The real large multiplat franchises do. Plus a game like Gears of War or Halo has much more worth of mouth to sell systems.

Thus: PS3 down to 299?
360 Premium price set on 149 to 179

Again the 360 will outsell the PS3rd. Nothing changed really.

@ the Sonytard below

Wut? The PS3 got a 200 bucks pricecut after just 6 months in the EU. Thats 1/3 of its price @ launch. NOW THATS DESPERATE

The 360 got its pricecut in September 2008. If the PS3 gets its pricecut in may, it won't do much untill Fall (when most is sold up to holidays). Thus I expect Microsoft to drop just another time around September 2009. That'll be a full year after the last one.

The initial price of the Premium will then be allmost 4 years after release cut to 149 to 179 bucks. While the PS3 dropped from 600 to 300 in just 2 years, cut in half, if done this Spring.

And no. It wasn't the Playstation brand that sold the PS2 last gen to those high numbers. These were the reasons:

- GTA console exclusive on the PS2 (now on 360 most complete version)
- Most consoles sold before competition arrived a year after (roles are turned around, the 360 was first this time, most support. Look @ RPG and race genre for example: PS3rd has allmost nothing, 360 is king in about all genres)
- Price cuts at the right time, like the 360 has this gen

Not too mention, the most expensive systems in its gen that had lots of stuff added that didn't add to the core game experience, failed. Remember Neo-Geo, 3D0 and CD-I. All tried about what the PS3 wants to do. = fail.

Sony Rep3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Haha. It's funny how you celebrate such desperate price cuts. The 360 just had a drastic price cut a few months ago and you think Microsoft should do another one so soon? Haha. Shows just how inferior the 360 is. The brand power of the PlayStation is still relevant in not only European countries and Japan, but America also.

pwnsause3502d ago

you mean desperate when M$ cut the price of the 360 TWICE LAST YEAR? wonder whos more desperate? LMAO

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

+ Don't forget M$ to put a Coin slot in your New xBox!!! £1 = 1hour play time!!! ;-D
The Gullible xBot Zombie DLC Lemmings will Lap it up!!! ;-D

I might get a PSP to;) + Another PS3;)
KillZone 2 awaits me...bye bye;)

frayer3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Haha. Poor Mart. The PS2 sold 20 million units in Japan. Something the 360 could never do, even if it is the most cheapest pos there. Japanese developers will just stay exclusive like last gen as soon as the PS3 picks up. Europe is Sony land. They don't like Microsoft Corp. The PS3 was consistently outselling the 360 even when it came out first and for cheaper. Guess what?

The 360 came out in EU in 05. The PS3 came out 07 in EU. The install base for the PS3 is about 10.0. The 360 is about 11.5. The only time the 360 ever outsold the PS3 was when they gave it a price cut, and it's still by not much. And Gt5 is the biggest franchise and exclusive in EU, outselling GTA. So, that's not relevant there.

NA is a place where the PS3 can compete and outsell the 360 consistently as given by last when the PS3 was outselling the 360 each month, even though it costs a $100.00 more.

TheMART3502d ago

hahaha poor Frayer

Wii took over the sales this gen that the PS2 had last gen in Japan. Wii constantly outsold the PS3 with massive numbers. Its no where in Japan like the 360 doesn't do well there also.

Europe was Sony land indeed. Delaying your nr.1 major franchise for 3 years and dropping two demos GT4HD and GT5p (last one got 8 out of 10 rating) while Forza 1 beated GT4 last gen in review average score and Forza 2 is out already for 2 years, when Forza 3 will arrive even before GT5 in 2010, there has been a shift already from former Playstation fans to 360 and will even more.

Time doesn't matter that much, the hardcore Playstation fans already bought the PS3 and its still 1.5 mln. behind the 360. Now the more casual gamers jump in and don't mind brand. They mind the games. Racing genre: PS3 has nothing but a demo and rrrriddggeeee racccerrrrr exclusive.

360 has Forza 2, PGR3 and 4, will get Forza 3 soon etc.

PS3 outsold the 360? Don't think so. And since September 2008 PS3 sales are less then same months a year before, while the 360 sales kicked in higher gear in the same comparison.

Too bad dude. PS2 had the advantages as written last gen. 360 has those exact same advantages this gen.

pwnsause3502d ago

i like when mart brings up GT5p and GTHD, knowing when both games arent the real thing.

GT4p got the same scores, 8 out of 10, guess what, GT4 got 9.5 out of 10. gt5 is going to do the same thing stupid.

Poor Mart, no games this year? oh wait, you have Games, its DLC!!! LMAO!!!

cryymoar3502d ago

i like how you have to bring the Wii into this for no reason at all.

I also like how that gap between the PS3 and the xb360 is the same as it was when the PS3 launched.

Man_of_the_year3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Only an idiot would PAY for a i like to think that its the real thing.

pwnsause3502d ago

say that to the People who bought GT4 prolouge.

FACT: the prologues give you a taste of whats to come of the real thing. and to get that taste, you have to pay a fee. it worked with GT3, it worked with GT4 and it will work with GT5.

Man_of_the_year3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

So you're saying once an idiot always an idiot?

That doesn't say much about PS3 Fanboys but it sure would explain a lot.

Man_of_the_year3502d ago

FACT: FREE DEMO'S "give you a taste of whats to come of the real thing"...HELLO that's what a DEMO does...I know that the PSN doesn't have as many FREE demos on it as the 360 does but it still has DEMOS and they are all FREE except GT5P.

I can't believe you actually wrote "the prologues give you a taste of whats to come of the real thing. and to get that taste, you have to pay a fee"...LOL wow Sony's PR really did a number on you.

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frayer3502d ago

I wonder if Sony will offer the 399.99 sku as a high end model and the $299.99 sku as a low end- to soften the blow on money lost. Sony has always had two skus on the market. Last year, they had the $500.00 and the current $399.99 one- probably to soften the blow on money lost during the holiday rush.