Bargain Bin- PlayStation Edition

Each and every week, if you pop into N4G, you're bound at some point to come across some article rumoring the return of backwards compatibility to the PS3. Discounting the fact that this would be a huge kick in the balls to anyone who purchased a PS3 after Sony cut PS2 BC, it should be remembered that to its credit, the PS3 can still play a ton of old games. Indeedily, if you're a fan of the PS1 generation and aren't taken aback by the sometimes primitive controls and graphics, there are plenty of cheap , old games that are compatible with the PS3 and by extension, the PSP. This week, the Bargain Bin is going to take a look at a few of the better ones and hopefully lend a little direction toward the best of the 32-bit era

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Gue13598d ago

I want Fear Effect 3!

SirLarr3598d ago

Damn, tenchu for a dime is gaming on the cheap alright.

italianbreadman3598d ago

These are F***ing DIRT cheap! Awesome

SlamVanderhuge3598d ago

the Fear Effects were pretty awesome, but DAMN...Tenchu hasn't aged well

ceedubya93598d ago

Played a bit of 9, but never got too far for some reason. Wish they'd release these games on PSN already. My FF8 discs aren't looking too good right now.

Actually, All of the playstation 1 and 2 Final Fantasies and Resident Evils need to be on PSN, stat!

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