Making of the Killzone 2 Intro

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Guerrilla Games called on Glasgow based Axis Animation yet again to deliver a breathtaking sequence for the new installment of the epic Killzone game franchise.

Directed at Axis by Stuart Aitken this cinematic intro saw Aitken and the Axis team execute one of their most ambitious projects to date.

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RedMist113499d ago

Pretty cool article, always nice to hear about what happened behind the scenes.

Jamaicangmr3499d ago

I watched the intro atleast 70% of the time i start the game. Well atleast up until they pause Visari on the TV. That Visari really knows how to motivate and rally the troops. Ricco is an assh0le, i should of shot him when i had the chance.

_Q_3499d ago

Both KZ games have awesome openers. Hail Visari!

Jamaicangmr3499d ago

"My people, sons and daughters of Helgan. This much i vow, the history of these days will be written in blood. BY CRUSHING THE ARMY'S OF OUR ENEMIES BY SEIZING THE WEAPONS THEY THOUGHT TO TURN AGAINST US, WE FAUGHT FOR OUR VERY EXSISTANCE! but if there are those who deni us peace, refuse us our rightful place in the universe, Then we will unleash such TERRIBLE VENGEANCE! That GENERATIONS YET UNBORN WILL CRY OUT IN ANGUISH!"

It just fills you with drive and resolve. Specially those of us who have beaten the game and have an understanding of whats going on.

Karum3498d ago

Props to the guys at this animation studio. They really did an amazing job with the intro and that was an interesting article.

I watch the full intro the majority of the time I load up the game, it's just cool to watch through.

cmrbe3498d ago

I hope GG will match it in KZ3.

NeloRisi3498d ago

Personally, I loved the entire intro except a few niggling things. The spaceships for once - they have an excellent design but when they blew up, it didnt look impressive at all. It looks like a canned explosion.

Another point is when Visari repeats himself and says; "Never again." Ach.. a low point in his speech. Otherwise a fine intro.

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