World of Warcraft Mountain Dew Game Fuel Promotion

Blizzard Entertainment and PepsiCo have partnered to deploy a new Mountain Dew Game Fuel Edition based on World of Warcraft in two flavors: Wild Fruit and Citrus Cherry. The special edition bottles will have the World of Warcraft logo and printed with either an orc or a night elf.

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Leord3506d ago

Hehe, they finally caught up on the little references to Mountain Dew from the game, and picked up the phone ;)

Medievaldragon3506d ago

It would have been nicer if they had a full collection, one race+class each week for up to 12 weeks. Back on 2007, they ran the Game Fuel Halo 3 for 12 weeks.

That way everyone would be consuming Game Fuel each week just to collect them all.

Maticus3506d ago

Yeah I know several people, including myself, who would collect those.

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