AppGamer Review: Touchgrind

Despite this Touchgrind is much more than the sum of it's parts. It's a game I find myself playing all the time, even when I'm watching TV or doing work at my desk. Do you ever find yourself idly playing with your iPhone, simply scrolling between pages of apps for no reason whatsoever, absentmindedly enjoying the interface as it responds to your touch? If you answered yes then you will get a hell of a lot out of Touchgrind. It's simply so responsive and so sublimely executed that, once you master the controls you will play this game again and again. Not necessarily to unlock new skateboards, not even to achieve new high scores but simply for the joy of messing around with a tiny skateboard in a tiny skate park. Ben Ruth, if you're reading this, put down your ruler, put down your Bunsen burner. The future has arrived.

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