Bandai shows Gundam video on demand service for PS3

Bandai Channel made a surprise showing of a new Gundam video on demand service at today's Tokyo International Anime Fair event. The experimental service was shown running on the PlayStation 3 and offers a new way to watch television shows.

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Kain813527d ago

this will sell well in Japan
Gundam has huge fans in Japan

Chris3993527d ago

This, coupled with all the Japan-centric game announcements lately leads me to believe that Sony is finally starting to cater to their homeland's fanbase.

It is thrilling news for a Japanophile like me :) I'm tremendously excited for the JRPG announcements and ports that we'll see around the time Advent Children/ FFXIII demo is released.

I'm calling: a Vesperia port or a new Tales game, Star Ocean 4 (probably in the summer or at the Tokyo game show for that one), Wild Arms, another "in house" JRPG (they currently have 5 being worked on by 1st party studios) and possibly a Shin Megami game.

BrunoM3527d ago

it going to be big there .. .but we got to see these for what it can be

and it can be BIG if they use it for alot more if they make it part of their video service and add it for other things like books and so on ....

but what ever it mai be BIG in japan we got to wait and see ...

like it or not people got to see sony really never stops making stuff for its Playstation always moving ahead .. and that my friends is GOOD for all GAMERS

Eromu3527d ago

I lol'd at the picture of the no pictures sign.