Infamous - New trailer

Sucker Punch published a new Infamous trailer.

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Kain813503d ago

I cant believe that this is all Gameplay/In-game incredible

nutcase4u3502d ago

I wasn't really impressed when I first saw the game a while back. After the most recent trailers I can honestly say that I am getting really excited about this game coming out. Great visuals and some need gameplay elements look to bring out some more muscle from the PS3.

thereapersson3502d ago

It just shows you can't judge a game until it nears completion, because that is when developers have included most graphical tricks and techniques they are going to use. Just look at how Killzone 2 developed from its early stages up until it went gold. It's quite the change!

meepmoopmeep3502d ago

'tis HAWT.

lightning bolt HAWT

StephanieBBB3502d ago

Nothing beats jumping off buildings and swinging around town in an open world game. But as long as it feels seamless going from point A to point B, i'm pretty much still buying it.

ikaris3502d ago

that trailer isn't new...

bpac1234567893502d ago

I wan't to like this game i really do but nothing i have seen has impressed me (except cole's lightning storm finisher). It just seems like there's something big missing from the game, it's not the graphics...maybe it's the gameplay. It reminds me of Hulk Ultimate destruction for the ps2 and that game got old in about 30 minutes. OF course this game will be much better than that, but it just doesn't appeal to me. I guess ill rent it and if i really like it ill buy it.

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macalatus3503d ago

I really love the art direction of the game. Is it just me or the comics art-style in the trailer looks similar to the ones found in Twisted Metal 2?

Anyway, I'm definitely looking forward for this game.

_Q_3502d ago

Its a day one game for me. Finally some action games! I've been chomping at the bit for a good one.

Supercalifragili3502d ago

The trailer is better than the game. This game have good graphics but it seems to repetitive.

Kain813502d ago

like Halo3 the E3 trailer was better than the game itself.

But this is an OpenWorld Game and for this Gen i have seen nothing compared to the graphics in InFamous

Microsoft Xbox 3603502d ago

If you think this is repetitive, wait till you play GTAIV.

BTW....Infamous will be badass. IGN is already calling the game awesome.

harrisk9543502d ago

"The trailer is better than the game. This game have good graphics but it seems to repetitive."

I guess that you've played the game then? How could you possibly make such an utterly stupid comment based upon a few trailers that show a lot of the same portions of the game? Are 360 fanboys that jealous of this game?

nix3502d ago

just another day for PS3 owners.

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The story is too old to be commented.