The Nuts & Bolts DLC "doesn't contain the Weird West"

MundoRare writes: "You may remember that some days ago Rare promised through their official website imminent information about some unexpected DLC content for Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, entitled "LOG's Lost Challenges".

According to Microsoft's Xbox Live Team this LOG's Challenge Game Add-on is rated PEGI+7 and doesn't have a release date yet (at least, nothing more specific than the typical "coming soon").

From the official forums we also know for sure that "the DLC contains more than just challenges" but it "doesn't contain 'the Weird West'", which was supposed to be the sixth game world, removed in the final version of the game. Rare's Mike Wilson also confirmed that "the DLC will be accompanied by the 3rd Nuts & Bolts community night"."

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