Japanese Final Fantasy VII: ACC Ads Air, Mention Final Fantasy XIII Demo

Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku writes:

"The Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete TV spots are airing in Japan and point out the inclusion of the Final Fantasy XIII demo. The Blu-ray movie is out April 16 in Japan."

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BrunoM3500d ago

And my friends so it starts the ps3s going like hot cakes lol.. they are going to go crazy for these .. i think it will sell out on day one lol.. (the bundle that is)

and as far as the movie goes it wasent a bad one i like it alot and will get it on blue ray it already look kick ass on normal dvd so it will look great

and well wen we get the demo here we will see how good it is ..

its coming guys FF lol .. i wounder if FF Vs is a better game next to 13 some how i like the darker look more but w.e will get the 2 of them

and i think most of u guys are with me that gating the 2 is the best thing as long and Senix docent Fuk up BIG time on FF

MisterNiwa3500d ago

I get my FF7:ACC TRIAL EDITION Blu Ray 1 week after it got released, yay.

Ps_alm3k3499d ago

this is going to sell like a madman in japan.
Especially after GDC!!!! just watch..

stealthy-guy3499d ago

remember guys the free demo is only for japan.u got to import the japan version of the bluray to get the free demo.

try play-asia thats how i did it later's

Kain813499d ago

the first one is Imported form Japan its the first edition of FF7:AC
than i Imported the PSP UMD of FF7:AC
than i bought the FF7:AC the EU-edition.
And now i must buy the FF7:AC Complete on BLU-Ray with the Demo of FF13.

BrunoM3499d ago

lol damn i only got one lol...

but these one makes me want to get it lol FOR the movie because is going to look jaw dropping .. BUT more for the demo lol... like the Thousands that are going to pic these up

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