Does Sony Listen To The Gamers?

PSXE writes: This isn't a rhetorical question; we're just interested to see what people think. Everyone always complains that big, mega-global corporations never listen to John Q. Taxpayer, but gamers have always been quite vocal in their requests and complaints (thank the Internet for that). The question is, do you believe Sony listens to their targeted audience?

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cryymoar3598d ago

They didn't just stop at the PS2, right?

nix3598d ago

we are still gamers because of Sony, i guess. otherwise, i would have stopped playing Mario long time back.

el_bandito3598d ago

I glance on my PS3. Below it the PS1, PS2 and piles of games---no need to answer the question.

rockleex3598d ago

Anyways, if only there were some other ways to get Sony's attention other than posting on the PS Blog.

Oh wait! Home just held an event like that a few days ago! ^_^

I still want my XMB version of Home though, for accessibility reasons. I feel that's what most gamers would be interested in. But no need to throw away the virtual Home, its great! ^_^

SaiyanFury3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Does Sony listen to gamers? Interesting question. Well let's look at a few points. First, yes they lost a slew of third party exclusivity, either because developers wanted to recoup costs by developing cross-platform or because they were bribed by an anonymous source to come over to different platform. Because of this, however, Sony pulled up it's pants and decided to focus internally rather than soliciting externally for development. Sony broke out the whip on it's own internal development houses and started cracking to bring out some fresh exclusives. And what do we have now? About a dozen or more NEW games and IPs coming this year alone. So the 360 has some of the previously exclusive games we used to have? Let them play those games, they're great too. BUT, we have games of amazing calibre like Uncharted 2 and so many more that you'll never play if you've only a 360. As well, Sony frequently updates the PS3's firmware with better functionality like in-game XMB and messaging. The frequent updates are ongoing and will always be with Sony's commitment to the gaming community.

Secong point: Hardware. The PS3 has Blu-ray, THE HD format of this modern age, built in Wi-Fi, interchangeable HDD, and built in Bluetooth support. Leave us not forget the ever-evolving and FREE PlayStation Network, for which you never need to spend a cent to play online. On top of the wonderful package afforded to you by the PS3, they even went so far as to settle their differences with Immersion, the company that rightfully owned the rights to the rumble technology. When this happened Sony actually started working WITH Immersion to bring us the high quality DualShock 3. Sure, it may have come late to the game, but it's here now and now we can enjoy rumble with SIXAXIS functionality. Now a lot of people will argue that the PS3 is more a multimedia machine than a gaming device. That's a half truth. What Sony designed the PS3 to be, is the centre of your home theatre; something you could watch movies on, listen to music, view your photos et cetera. Included with all that amazing functionality, is the ability to play the amazing games that come along with owning the system. I paid 600 dollars in December of 2006 for my PS3 and not once do I ever feel I was cheated for an inferior product.

Sure Sony's a corporation lusting for your dollars, in that all corporations are the same. The difference between Sony and Microsoft, is that Sony wants to give you bang for the buck and a reason to invest your money. Not to low ball you with "accessories" like the 360's 100 dollar Wi-Fi adapter and ridiculously overpriced proprietary HDDs. And leave us not speak about reliability issues between the two. That's an argument for another time.

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-EvoAnubis-3598d ago

Sony has made listening to its fanbase an art form. From FW updates that were feature-for-feature things that were requested by us, to totally changing the look of the PlayStation Store based on our feedback, to every single post on the PlayStation.Blog bringing us closer to those that are making our games, to giving us the games that we want to play, Sony has been listening to and acting upon what we say more than ANY company I have ever seen before.

What a silly question.

FPShooter3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I think you can tell they listen by the updates. if you visit the PS blog then you can see they always ask for feedback from the gamers.

It's been more home updates then I can remember, not to mention the firmware updates.

I think its safe to say that sony does listen to the gamers and fans.

SL1M DADDY3598d ago

The PSblog is a true testament to how Sony is trying hard to listen tot he gamers this gen. Never have they been this close to the front lines of gaming and with that you can see just how the many different changes that have taken place since the launch of the PS3 reflect an ear for the people.

PeptoBismol3598d ago

*waits for the bots*


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