'Wii Fit girl' resurfaces as EA Sports Active spokesmodel

Joystiq writes:

"In these two videos, EA's Jen Riley walks us (and a live audience) through EA Sports Active, the Wii exercise program that includes the crazy-looking resistance band gear. Helping her out is a familiar face, Lauren Bernat, better known to perverted Nintendo fans as "the Wii Fit girl." Yes, she has a face. Bernat seems to have made the best out of what could have been the most horrifyingly embarrassing situation ever, so good for her. She is also sensibly dressed for this EA Sports Active demo. Good for her."

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Spydiggity3502d ago

to make easy money and become famous, you just have to be a skinny chic that plays pointless games.

Max Power3502d ago

she dumped her douchey boyfriend

Conan9973502d ago

oh f that, he's the one who got her famous (he filmed her)