Movies for Reel: Shadow of the Colossus

BeefJack writes: "ome movies are dull an un-imaginative, some movies are deep and emotional; others go above and beyond cinematic boundaries and become truly epic. In the gaming world, Shadow of the Colossus took the PS2 by storm. The beautiful attention to detail and unique game design won Sony various awards. With the attention that this game has drawn, transforming it into a movie would be an easy project. Shadow of Colossus could be a truly epic film."

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Cyrus3653598d ago

One of the best games on the system, shame it's appreciated by only the "hardcore" fans.

Can't wait to see what Team Ico/Olympics have in store next.

Rikitatsu3598d ago

SOTC is already above the quality of movies. IMO

LeonSKennedy4Life3598d ago

Yeah...I agree.

SotC is above most of Hollywood. I would say the only thing on that level in Hollywood is Lord of the Rings/King Kong. I know, I know...everybody hates King Kong. I don't care though. It's a drama. Take it as such. It's epic and moving. I LOVE that movie.

Bonsai12143598d ago

its not really underrated... many many many publications put it in their top 5 or 10 ps2 games. it is an incredible experience. no denying that.

i would watch a movie of this game if they made one. its just a shame that most people jumped on the bandwagon for this game after people thought ICO was art..

Cyrus3653598d ago

I'm not saying it under-rated, just under-appreciated by the masses. Like you and I know about the game, but take a typical gamer from the PS2 generation, and i bet half don't even know what this game is, and that's a shame.

rockleex3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

A similar Shadow of the Colossus experience in movie form. You should be looking into the upcoming movie of "Where the Wild Things Are"! >:D

Here's some pictures of it. You guys may recognize what book this is from. ^_^

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spunnups3598d ago

SoTC. the most underrated adventure ever.

LeonSKennedy4Life3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Shadow of the Colossus isn't just one of the best games on the PS2. It's one of the best games ever made. It's THE best game ever made, according to yours truly.

If a movie is made, only Peter Jackson is allowed to touch it. I'll personally snipe anyone else...and that means YOU Michael Bay.

Wait! JJ Abrams can too!

EDIT: Jackson all the way! I'm excited to see Star Trek also. JJ Abrams directing? That's awesome! I'm aware that he did MI:III also...which had good action. Note: He wrote Armageddon, Michael Bay's only good movie!!! I'm a huge LOST fan also. If Peter Jackson directed, JJ Abrams produced, and Kou Ohtani did the score...we'd have a blockbuster on our hands. (I would say James Newton Howard for the score, but Kou Ohtani did the score for the game...and I'd like to keep that one...possibly adding a few songs.)

xlx-russ_923598d ago

agree, Peter Jackson is a very good Director, but JJ Abrams is a good producer.

RememberThe3573598d ago

I think the key would be cinematography. Setting the same mystical look is key. There are a number of lesser known directors and cinematographers that do that VERY well.

LeonSKennedy4Life3598d ago


I'd trust Tak Fujimoto.

Whether you like M. Night's movies or not...the cinematography is PHENOMENAL!

miasma3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Sorry, I don't think we need this game to be a movie. I loved this game, and the emotional experiences it allows the gamers to have individually should not be tampered with by the thought process of screen writers, producers, etc. If you played the game then you have gotten the greatest experience it can provide you, you were a part of the adventure.

@Bonsai 1214 way above... your quote "its just a shame that most people jumped on the bandwagon for this game after people thought ICO was art," I am not sure what you are saying. ICO came out before SOTC, so most people, like me, could hardly wait for SOTC after playing that game because ICO was such a great experience. Of course, I think SOTC was even better, but only slightly, and I definitely view ICO as art as well. this is my opinion of course, but the way you wrote that statement seems as though you are putting down ICO some way.