From the Ear's Perspective: Little Big Music

BeefJack writes: "Music and video game writer, Adam Dolge, takes a deep look into the relationship between video games and music. Whether it's bands covering music from video game soundtracks, the musicians who compose songs for games, or the line between what sounds good and what hurts to hear, he'll stroll with you through video game history, pulling out the best and worst of music in games.

The concept seemed simple, if not a bit childish. I've been talking about the game for several months, not without a smidgen of skepticism. It probably started over slinging hash in my restaurant days. "Have you heard about that Planet game? It's supposed to be the biggest game this year," I said to my fellow PlayStation 3 owning coworker."

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Face Palm3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

IMO LBP has the best videogame soundtrack. The music brings a fitting mood to each level and every song is outstanding. I want to buy the LBP soundtrack. MGS4 had great music too, The Best is Yet to Come makes me cry every time I hear it :'(

Cyrus3653499d ago

I agree, I loved the music in LBP, I wish they had a collector edition with a mini sack boy, and CD of the game music in it.

Face Palm3499d ago

GREAT IDEA! I'd buy that :D

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