The PlayStation Eye: An Eye Sore?

CGReviews writes:

"Well, I think it's been decided. The PlayStation 3 does not need saving. But there are aspects of it that do. And the PlayStation Eye is one of them..."

He then continues to list three things that could help the PS Eye.

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rekonizakilla3502d ago

Don't know why you got disagrees. How does anyone else know what you use it for?

News4goons is the one I disagreed with.

NegativeCreep4273502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I would create my own article, titled:

News4Goons Insanely Stupid Crack Head Ginger Homo-Erotic Avatar: An Eye Sore???

Face Palm3503d ago

I use mine for PS3 Video Chat and placing stickers in LBP and it works great for both. No complaints here.

FPShooter3503d ago

I also use mine for LBP and video chatting and its also a mic. I think its great and love the way mine sits on top of my 50" Plasma.

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Phaqutomb3502d ago

I use mine also for Burnout

Bnet3433502d ago

I didn't buy one since the Xbox Live Vision cam oddly enough worksd with the PS3 ... 0_0 I only use the cam for Burnout Paradise. I think these camera games that Sony and Microsoft put out are a bit lame.

barom3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I do wish for a game utilizing the Playstation Eye. It does kinda feel like it's just sitting there considering I don't play Burnout and haven't really had enough time to make levels in LBP. I did buy mesmerize which was fun for 2 minutes (was only 2 bucks or something)

I have used video chat with my friends though, that stuff works great.

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TheHater3503d ago

Video Chat, LittleBigPlanet and Eye of Judgment.

Real Gambler3502d ago

Have to say: EYE OF JUDGMENT is awesome... But that's only me ; )

Narutone663503d ago

The Eye of Judgment bundle. Bought Trial of Topoq, Operation: Creature Feature, The Aquarium (forgot the name) and the one with the bird (also forgot the name)to make the most use of the eye. My daughter's been asking me when Eye Pet will be out too. All around nice peripheral and fun to use specially with eye create.

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The story is too old to be commented.