Movies for Reel: Pixeljunk Eden

BeefJack writes: "My gaming lifestyle has taught me one thing that I still hold above any other gaming knowledge I possess. Video games are, in all reality, a toy, and should be treated as such. In all respects, a toy is designed to be fun. Yes toys aren't always bright colorful happy playful things. Just take a look at the Silent Hill action figures you can buy. They are by no means bright and colorful, but they are still toys, technically. So, just because a video game is a toy does not mean that all the games should be a decorative coloring book. On the other hand, labeling something a toy does tend to pull that very coloring book image from the back of your head. Either way, it should be fun. So if you get your kicks from vacuuming up little creatures with your favorite pink puff ball, or you like blowing the heads off Nazi's in your spare time, enjoy either way."

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