Crispy Gamer: Games for Lunch: Linger in Shadows

Kyle isn't playing a game for lunch. Or is he? Follow his experiences in Linger in Shadows.

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Face Palm3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I'm glad these guys didn't bash it for being a joke of a game. Linger in Shadows is not a game, it's a "Demoscene". It got a lot of heat from a-holes calling it a joke of a game. It's developers said they were giving more people the opportunity explore demoscenes through PSN and openly admitted LiS is not a game but people still ragged on it. I bought it, I played it and I enjoyed it. I think it should be maybe $2 instead of three though.

BTW here's a lame quote from the article:

"I might bring it out to show friends who want to see what the PS3 can do"

Um... there are real games that look way better than LiS. Bring out KillZone 2, MGS4 or Uncharted to show your friends what the PS3 can do. I don't want to start a "Teh Grafixz" charade in here but I'm just saying. I got the Uncharted Platinum Trophy and I've played to the point where I'm sick of playing it but I boot it up and just walk around to look at it's beauty. Liner in Shadows is a very artistic game with it's own style and it looks good but just not as other PS3 games. Remember when people thought the screenshot of the LiS metal octopus thing was actually a monster in Team ICO's next game?