Bit-tech: Nintendo DSi Review

The difference between the original DS and the DS Lite was massive in terms of design and usability and overnight it made the DS Lite a must-have gaming gadget for many. The main failure of the DSi is that it can't claim the same thing, mainly thanks to the fact that it's so similar to the DS Lite. And in many respects, that's hardly a bad thing.

The DSi is an online-focused handheld and our opinion could easily change in the future based on how many and how good the games are that come out on the online store. For now though, despite the fact that the DSi is just as good as the DS Lite when it comes to on-the-go gaming and overall design, Bit-tech just can't justify blindly spending an extra £50 for two cameras and an online store; something which renders the DSi an utterly capable, but still disappointing upgrade to the existing model.

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