The Daily Show: The Unedited Jim Cramer Interview (Free on Xbox Live)

If you've been following the Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer fireworks, you know they came to a head last week when Jim appeared on The Daily Show. Want to see the entire, unedited version? Head over to the Xbox LIVE Video Marketplace (US Only) and you can download The Unedited Interview Between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer. PLUS, If you're an Xbox LIVE Gold member you download this this episode absolutely free.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

my console's browser?


caladbolg7773499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Not when Microsoft is trying to sell the 360 as an all-in-one set-top box; all the while claiming to fill a void in entertainment viewing that doesn't actually exist (hence, netflix and "exclusive" downloadable viewing content).

Thank god for Hulu. Saves me $40/month as it was enough for me to cut my cable television service.

harrisk9543499d ago

Absolutely... I immediately thought the same thing!

3500d ago
Parapraxis3499d ago

God John owed him, Cramer is a fool for doing the show...did he think John didn't know anything? If so, he must not follow The Daily Show.

KionicWarlord2223499d ago

this pretty good daily show is funny. more bias comments? ....

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