Intel wants to sell netbooks up to 300 Euros

Fudzilla: "Intel is slowly becoming the victim of its own Atom success. At the beginning, the Asus Eee PC was small, cheap, 7-inch thing that could run some internet apps and word processing. Things changed in 2008 and 2009 and today, netbooks are 10-inch machines, almost big enough for pleasant work for more than few hours, with a bit better battery life and decent storage. "

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Darkseider3504d ago

The Atom is a heap of garbage. ARM is the future of netbooks and when the ARM netbooks start hitting the market this year Intel will be sweating. OMAP3xxx system to the upcoming Cortex-A9MP based system (OMAP4xxx) ARM will be sitting pretty. Not to mention the nVidia Tegra based systems. They are just as capable, just as fast if not faster and WAY better on power. Oh did I mention cheaper? In any case Intel is fighting a losing battle and trying to extend the x86 into the netbook market is just a huge mistake.