Fudzilla - Review: Dell's Vostro 1310 takes the value crown

Fudzilla: "Dell's Vostro series is designed to cater to the needs of small businesses and other users on a budget, and the Vostro 1310, a 13-incher launched last year, is one of the more interesting models in the series.

Envisioned as a budget business series, most Vostros are fairly affordable, and the 1310 is one of the cheapest 13-inch units on the market. Recently, 13-inch notebook have started to make a comeback of sorts. Still, compared to 13-inchers, the choice of 12-inch and 14-inch notebooks is vast, but recently consumers and manufacturers started showing much more interest for 13-inch products. Currently there are a lot of very desirable 13-inch notebooks on the market, such as the Air or Lenovo's X300/301, and some of that appeal seems to be rubbing off on entry level models, such as Lenovo's SL300, Toshiba's U400 and, of course, Dell's 13-inch Vostro."

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