Tekken Vs Mortal Kombat, Which Game Has The Best Fighting System?

Tekken and Mortal Kombat both have come a longs' way since their launch. They both carry very different mechanics and fighting style yet both very intriguing. The Tekken series hasn't been around as long as Mortal Kombat but it has made an impact since its launch back on PS1 days. Mortal Kombat has had a long time coming; all the way back since the Super Nintendo (SNES), the games back then I'm sure can now be considered timeless classics.

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panasonic233502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Tekken duh

macalatus3502d ago

Tekkens has a deeper system, but Mortal Kombat has a better appeal to a lot of people.

kewlkat0073502d ago

Not that Trash that was just released...

macalatus3502d ago

MK 1,2, and the MK 3 variants is THE MK!! Ironically enough, during the mid-90s, a lot of gamers hated MK 3 (and its different editions), only to get some love during this decade.

Marceles3501d ago

Yeah I was kinda mixed on 3 since I enjoyed 2 so much. I liked that it was faster, had the run button, and had the link combos but that was about it. I also never got the hang of certain things about MK too, for one the computer on hard difficulty is godlike, I could never get used to blocking with a button instead of using the d-pad, and certain people even know how to throw someone during a sweep. In MK2 my offense was my defense so I didn't really need to use the button much at all, but MK3 when the round starts and the computer runs at you and throws you or does a combo, I would get my ass handed to me.

3502d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.