Midway Working on Something "Awesome"

That Gaming Site writes: "Midway's official community manager teased a few upcoming Midway projects currently in the works via his Twitter account."

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Elven63598d ago

Please be Psi-Ops 2! Now that the law suit has cleared up its all open territory.

krazy14kraz3598d ago

I want some Stranglehold 2!

Elven63598d ago

To coincide with the Chow Yun Fat/John Woo less Stranglehold movie? I guess so! ;)

Although the first one albeit sold a million across all 3 platforms performed well under expectations, maybe a directors cut this year?

- Ghost of Sparta -3598d ago

Aren't they working on a "Gears of War killer"? Lol. I remember seeing an article about that some time ago.

Elven63598d ago

Not a killer, something that graphically looked as good or better than Gears. I can believe that, the development studios have had the Unreal Engine 3 shoved down their throats each one has made their own advances that they were able to share with out Midway studios.

Elven63598d ago

Yep thats the one, although he dosen't refer to it as a "killer", it will be interesting to see if this title is still in development, anything that would allow a developer other than Epic to break new ground with the UE 3 is fine by me.

The only team left in Austin is the MK team, so perhaps it was transfered to them?

chaosatom3598d ago

Make it Happen.

With more Awesome powers, I can't believe I almost missed out on the ps2. That's the last game I actually finished on the PS2.

Elven63598d ago

Psi Ops with Euphoria will be a dream! Lucas Arts even made a damn tech demo and called it a game!!!!

Spydiggity3598d ago

but wtf is up with ppl using twitter???

that sh!t is for 12 year olds and valley girls.

twitter only makes sense if you are at a party or social gathering and want a way to let everyone know where the event is (and even then you still end up texting and chatting on your phone all night anyway -- along with everyone else at the "party"). or maybe if you're dying and want a fast way to tell ppl you're in the hospital. but no self respecting person would use twitter and go around using terms like "twittered."

Danja3598d ago

This game was one of my faves in the day , imagine what they could do now with the new hardware ... plus the effects and new powers would look amazing

KillaManiac3598d ago

Another crappy Mortal Kombat Vs DC game?!?! OMG?!!?

Midway has been slowly failing more and more it seems.

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krazy14kraz3598d ago

You think they'll fool us into thinking it is an awesome game but then just be like, "RIDGE RACER....RRIDDDGGEE RACER... I mean Blitz 3"

Elven63598d ago

Blitz II while it was the perfect companion to Madden did horribly, we won't be seeing a new Blitz any time soon.

Bnet3433598d ago

lol Elven6, the fan of crappy games ... that's why I like you Elven

Elven63598d ago

I never said it was great by any means, its just the arcadey feel to the game is perfect for Madden players when they just want to realx with a Football game.

melkier333598d ago

I know this is my first post and most of you will take this with a grain of salt. I have a friend who worked for midway but got let go because the company is tanking hard. As far as i know the "gears kill" got canned as most people in the chicago area were let go. I know of a few unanounced games and think they were canned as well. Im going to try to get him on the phone in a few days to see if i can get a straight answer for you guys.

Cernex3598d ago

A new Gauntlet (more like the old GCN/PS2/X-Box ones) and everything will be forgotten.

El Cernex

infamous_273598d ago

Are you serious! I guess theres a first time for everything!

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