Capcom To Dominate This Generation

"Over the past few months we've seen some amazing titles finally make their debut. Killzone 2 graced every FPS fan on the PS3 and Halo Wars surpassed every Halo fans' expectations on the 360. Capcom has been moving at a slow steady pace preparing for what could be one of their finer years in gaming."

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

they change their policies on 1. Price and timing of DLC and 2. Following through on their promises of patches and fixes which never seem to come.

Haven't bought a CAPCOM game yet this generation...maybe when they release Dead Rising 1 on PSN later this year.

Edit: Disagree? With what?

chaosatom3499d ago

Even thought they have the big hiters like RE5 or Street fighter, they don't have a single game that makes me go 'wow'.

And their Company is instead getting worse than before.

PoSTedUP3499d ago

i think they have the potential, they just need to come HARD with lost planet and deadrising2.

II Necroplasm II3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I think DMC5 and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 would do the trick also.


When was Dead Rising 1 confirmed for PSN?

ThanatosDMC3499d ago

DMC5 with Dante and Vergil.... they just need to get rid of that cunt Nero. I swear they screw up on the even numbered DMC.

DMC 2 and 4 was just horrible to the storyline and gameplay. Nero had the blood of Sparda and somehow owns Yamato?! WTF!

They better port MH3 to PS3/360.

KKanjiAnkh3498d ago

Yeah I agree, don't care about Dead Rising, I bought Mega Man 9, but it was done w/care.

I am a die hard Street Fighter fan, and I'm not gonna comment on the B.S.

Capcom needs to go back to being a Japanese company, and deliver, what they know.

Give us Capcom Vs SNK 3, with handrawn sprites.

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PirateThom3499d ago

Have Capcom even made a good game this gen bar SFIV and their download titles?

ZuperAmazingCooKie3499d ago

Memorable? Nah. Dead Rising, Monster Hunter, Lost Planet, Devil May Cry and Resident evil have all been good, but not like the capcom of old where they revolutionized genres. Bulletwitch is a mess. Only SFIV is stellar, but the sad thing is that there is no new IP here where they revolutionized a genre.

In the NES era they revolutionized platformers with Ducktales and Megaman. In the SNES era they revolutionized side-scrollers with Final Fight, and fighting games with Street Fighter. In the PSOne era they made the horror genre with Resident Evil, and last-gen they released Devil May Cry long before God of War or Ninja Gaiden made it out the gates. There are probably a lot more examples of great franchises they made before this gen, like Strider, Breath of Fire, Megaman Soccer, Megaman X, Chip n' dale, Rival Schools, etcetera.

killzone2ownsallfps3499d ago

yeha... and yours games garbages like r5.....

Myst3499d ago

I shall pass judgment of this until I have successfully gotten my hands on Monster Hunter Tri~ as well as United. Other developers who are under the radar are good just as well, with either one hit wonders (Flower) or slowly churning out games making people want to have sequels to the games. Capcom (from my friends' viewpoint) seems to have shot themselves in the foot with a few of their titles so far. They didn't like RE5 so much, didn't care for SFIV; yet gave them Mega man 9.

Overall I'd say it's best to wait for the generation to be over before this decision can be made.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3499d ago

also made flOw. 2 hit wonder? :P

Myst3499d ago

Ah, Thank you. Well that just makes a better point :P

Now I must find monies and get flow...

n4gn4gn4gn4g3499d ago

why there is a flOw trophy in Flower?


Myst3499d ago

Only completed like two levels of flower XD.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3499d ago

sorry for the is one of the harder ones to find/get though so you'll still be happy when you get it!

Myst3499d ago

No worries, I don't care to much about trophies to be honest so it's all good. At least it wasn't on the same level as a storyline spoiler :p

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