The 10 Absolute Best FPSes of All Time #9 and #8: Chicks With Guns "We continue our countdown to the absolute best first person shooter all time. Those remotely familiar with Rare's past legendary status as a competent FPS developer (if not an overall games developer) will identify with Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64, our #9 best FPS of all time. On the other spy spectrum is Monolith Productions' No One Lives Forever, a trippy, kitschy roller-coaster dripping with style yet backed by the meatiest sustenance a video game could possibly deliver at #8."

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ShabzS3499d ago

ah yes nolf... one of the best fps's i've played... part 2 trumps the first one any day ... really funny and fun game

Nike3499d ago

Cate Archer: You really impressed me back there.
Magnus Armstrong: Listen to you cry.
Cate Archer: All you had to do was grab him, you dumb ox!
Magnus Armstrong: Cry, cry, cry.
Cate Archer: Well, at least you got his coat. Maybe he'll freeze to death!
Magnus Armstrong [mock sobbing]: Oh-oh, oh-h-h...boohoo!
Cate Archer: Shut up.
Magnus Armstrong: Make me.


Nike3499d ago

Found it particularly interesting that both of the above titles were released in the same year just a few months apart, had a female protagonist, spy themes and were classics. And they both didn't sell well. :(

Nike3499d ago

Man, the remaining games better be something else. NOLF deserves way higher. Like #4 or #5.

281219863499d ago

was amazing...Monolith makes some really great games...Blood anyone?

Nike3499d ago

Blood 2 was significantly good as well, though most people dismissed it for not being as scary or grim. Shogo: Mobile Armour Division was also greatly under-appreciated and still relatively unknown but for combining mech action and FPS combat, was lots of fun.