NYPost: PS3 gives Blu-Ray edge, retailers to pull plug on HD DVD next year

"You can't determine a trend over a couple of months," says Graffeo, who notes that total sales for both formats are roughly equal since their introductions last year.

But some experts are ready to play taps for the HD DVD format - and are saying it's safe to buy Blu-ray players without fear they'll end up being sold as relics on eBay.

Alison Casey, who analyzes consumer trends for London-based Understanding & Solutions, predicts that retailers will pull the plug on HD DVD sometime next year.

"They never wanted two formats. It confuses consumers and creates problems with them with returns," Casey told The Post. "They're looking to go to a single format as soon as possible."

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Apocalypse Shadow4635d ago

we'll all benefit.if microsoft wouldn't have supported it,it would be over already.

deathtok4635d ago

For Microsoft this will turn out to be a poor decision. Microsoft doesn't have vested interests in movie studios like Sony does. Now if they follow through with their word they'll have to release a Blu-ray add-on eventually.

smitty4634d ago

that will soon become bricks. Heck, it doesn't even play games. Bad choice for MS but they were just trying to spite Sony.

Black Republican4634d ago

PPL who bought the xbox 360 hd dvd add on took a risk
and if hd dvd is over it is a waste of money and a poor investment

a decision we all take when we decide to purchase a technology that is not standard

that is why all this time I have been saying to wait.

But still you never know what can happen, blue ray has only been outselling hd dvd for 2 months now (that's not a lot)

and before that hd dvd has had the lead the entire time.

Mr Murda4635d ago

These analysts should go ahead and predict the weather while they're at it.

I could always eat my words in the future, but I believe there is no way retailers/manufacturers are going to back out of HD-DVD so soon. It's like these analysts think the world population is going to start converting their DVD collections over to Blu-Ray. Nope, not happening that quick. There are some major players invested in both formats and neither will lay down for the other to take over. Neither format is proven, and neither will have complete consumer support for another few years.

I trust these analysts as much as I do movie critics.

techie4635d ago

The weather is quite easy to predict these days...

Anyway...I don't think the plug will be pulled - it will be neck and neck for a long time. I doubt they'd back down.

Bathyj4635d ago

DVD is not going anywhere. It will probably be around for 10 more years. The same cant be said for HDDVD. The writings on the wall for that one and the only ones who cant read it, are the ones with their heads in the sand. It all comes down to studio support, pure and simple. Nothing else matters in this case.

But DVD and BR wil co-exist just fine for along time. I'll have my BR player in one week, and slowly start buying the movies I think are worth the price. But do you really think I'm going to throw out 500 DVD's. No way. Only people who only like one product (fanboys) and cant appreciate 2 separate, competing products (fans) would think like this. The eventual phasing out of DVD for BR is not going to be an overnight thing. Its will take a decade, if it even happens at all. Who knows they might both be around til the next format comes out. You can still buy VHS cant you?

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4635d ago

was DOA from the beginning. Every movie released is either backed by Sony or was made by Sony.

Coming this Tuesday to DVD and Blu-Ray you very seldom hear HD-DVD mentioned anymore.

Silver3604635d ago

I would respect the story if it wasn't in the new york post. I live in NYC and that paper is garbage. Only read it for the sports section.

OldSchoolGamer4634d ago

They even quote the $300 blu-ray player by the end of the year, which has already been debunked. This "News Paper's" (and I use the term very loosely hear) research mainly consists of google. Lol, very high quality journalism.

MaximusPrime4635d ago

wtg! i hope Bluray will win in Europe too ;)

im supporting bluray alllllll thhhhhee waaaaayy

gta_cb4634d ago

well while you support them i will stay with good old DVD lol

and then when there is only one format i will then start to transfer over.