Gamedaily.Biz Interview: GDC's Meggan Scavio on Getting 'Back to Basics'

Gamedaily.Biz writes: "With Jamil Moledina now at EA Partners, Meggan Scavio (an 8-year veteran of GDC) is running the show. We recently caught up with Scavio to preview next week's big event.

GameDaily BIZ: You're certainly no stranger to GDC, having worked as event director with Jamil Moledina. What did you learn about the role you now have by working with him and how are the responsibilities different for you now?

Meggan Scavio: In my 10 years working with assorted GDC teams, one constant has remained and it is that we all carry the same burden. Our role is to guarantee the event stays true to itself and I don't intend to sway from that tradition. I am here, along with the rest of the GDC team and extended family, to bring our attendees timely and relevant content in a community-oriented environment. We want to make sure the week spent at GDC was advantageous in every way, from walking out of a lecture knowing something you didn't know when you went in, to the impromptu business deal in your hotel lobby or after-hours party. We want the attendee to learn, network and become inspired."

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