PSP Passes Five Million in Japan

A major landmark for the PSP in Japan recently as the Nikkei Keizai Shimbun reports that Sony's second place portable has crossed the five million mark in domestic shipments. The figure was reached at the end of February, according to the paper's morning edition.

PSP has trailed the DS by a growing margin since the two systems hit back at the end of 2004. Recently, the DS managed to cross the 15,000,000 mark in Japanese shipments.

Nikkei also reports that software development for the platform is being increased, with Sony insisting that the system has now reached its true period of growth. According to Sony, the system's adoption rate is "the same as that of the original PlayStation, which shipped one hundred million units."

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Double-Edged4260d ago

off topic...
but does any one know when there is a gran turismo comming to the PSP?

I've been waiting for soooo long..
my 1.5 PSP has been in a sock for sooooo long.

specialguest4260d ago

When I bought my PSP when it was first released, I thought GT was going to be released soon after that. Now it's been a year and several months and no GT news at all. I think it's been cancelled.