PS3 Blog: inFamous Showcased in Game Informer and on IGN

PS3 Blog writes: "Hey All,

Thanks for all the great feedback on the trailer. We've got some more exclusive new info on inFamous headed your way.

Pick up the latest issue of Game Informer, available on newsstands this week, for an extensive hands-on look into the first 6 missions of the game."

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gamersden3595d ago

heavy rain, uncharted 2, mag , gow3

so happy to be a ps3 owner

also NGs2 at 1080p. hayashi make that happen dude

rockleex3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

We want NGS2 to be 60 FPS too! ^_^

That way, Sony's 3D technology would work for it. >:D

Boobs will be jumping out at you. Swords will be slashing at you. Blood will be spraying on you!

Boobs ARE in the game... right? :P

FreestyleBarnacle3595d ago

Without boobs there's hardly any point.

Sevir043595d ago

infamous will be awesome

remanutd553595d ago

im looking forward to the new info this friday , btw sucker punch have my money already

psycho3603595d ago

Looks like Crackdown with slightly better graphics.