Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Not Just Another FFX-2

When Square Enix initially announced the Fabula Nova Crystallis franchise, fans didn't necessarily treat it with maximum optimism. One of the games was scheduled to come out purely on mobile phones in Japan, and the other had a suspect name and looked like nothing more than a cash-in.

However, since then, much has changed.

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Selyah3499d ago

Fairly content its gonna be a lot more note worthy than FFX-2, although I didn't think FFX-2 was that bad myself.

mephman3499d ago

Yea, Final Fantasy X-2 wasn't overly bad and it was pretty enjoyable in my opinion. I just don't think it was up to the standard of the main series.

chaosatom3499d ago

Then I have to slap Square Enix people myself.

Final_Rpg3499d ago

It was enjoyable. But the story line was a joke, an enjoyable joke though.

Sprudling3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I think the battle system was one of the better ones. I actually played through the game 3 times; one time for the "story", second for 100% completion (including the entire Via Infinito) and perfect ending, and the last time (much later) just because I wanted more of the battle system.

DragonWarrior_43499d ago

So you think dress nodes were cool? LMAO!

Trebius3499d ago

The battle system is one of the things i didnt really enjoy too much in FFX-2...

Felt like i was playing with Barbie dolls and at the same time an RPG. Dressing the girls up and sh!t...blegh.

thats_just_prime3499d ago

Only reason FF13 vs is getting any praise at all is cause FF13 went multi plat. Almost everyone said that FF13vs didnt look that good before then.

Ps3 fanboys hype up every single exclusive they have as if its the next Halo or GoW

DMasta7183499d ago

Thats funny because even before the multiplatform announcement, a good amount of people cared more about FFVXIII more than FFXIII

SprSynJn3498d ago

Dragon, you obviously have never played any of the early Final Fantasy games. Pick up the 5th one when you have a chance, its pretty close in style.

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SinnedNogara3499d ago

Well, we would know it if they showed us some gameplay already!!!

Kyll3499d ago

No kidding! It's been foreeever.

Final_Rpg3499d ago

They only just showed ff13 gameplay and this is supposed to be coming out post ff13. I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Microsoft Xbox 3603499d ago

Yeah I want actual gameplay trailers. Not "some" gameplay footage mixed with overly done CGI trailers.

Ps_alm3k3499d ago

People will buy anything final fantasy.
I bought ff12 knowing that people say it suck; well to me its okay, but
I will subconsciously by FF13, just for being a final fantasy game.
Anyway, Im sure if people that will like FF13 on xbox360 will most likely
flock to ps3 for FF13-Vs. Hell, if my most love game for ps2, Zone of the Enders make a sequel
on the Xbox 360 exclusively. I will buy a 360 in a heartbeat.
All in all FFVs is going to sell pretty well, because of FF13.

gamesmaster3499d ago

id hate to see zone of enders go exclusive to the xbox 360, i for one am a huge fan, playing the first 2 on the playstation brand. i'm sure alot of other people will be disappointed aswell, not to mention the money they will miss out on in japan, where it is probably most popular.

but it could happen, anything could happen, thats what scares me.

kevnb3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

most people like it

SpoonyRedMage3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

With rumours of a price drop you may be right.;)

If the PS3 is a lot more affordable by the time versus comes out I'll get one but FFXIII will be on my 360(unless I have a PS3 before it comes out).

EDIT: I disagree with the article though, Versus' chances of outselling FFXIII have improved because of it's exclusivity(and XIII's multiplat nature) as many just won't get FFXIII due to the belief it will be dumbed down.

Monkey5213499d ago

was ok... very generic story and mostly forgettable characters. The gambit system was cool for like half the game until you had it completely set difficulty in winning the game anymore. You only have to walk through.

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