GamingFront - Ninja Blade Demo Impressions

New ideas and slick graphics won't save this game from its bargain bin destiny.

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NewZealander3528d ago

i finally played the demo lastnight, the graphics are nothing special, some textures especially on the boss were awefull.

gameplay is OK....but the fighting and weapons are lame, the thrown weapon was horrible to use.

its a shame really, theres so many good games out there, and this could have been one of them, but the whole game screams B-grade from the bad character design to the even worse names and voice acting.

bargain bin right alongside vampire rain lair and haze.

iClutch3528d ago

Come on now, even this is better than Vampire Rain

NewZealander3528d ago

haha yeah sorry bout that, it is definatly better than vampire rain, guess that was a bit harsh.

Mike134nl3527d ago

The fighting was far too short too really get in the controls and get the right feeling for the weapons and the fighting game play. but butting smashing seemed to work just fine.
The throwing weapon worked out ok for me at least better than the one in ninja gaden.

The boss in the demo was a bit static staying at one place and pulling of the same easy evade moves. Though I did like the boss battle I know fir sure I want to play this game on a harder setting.

But I loved the pacing of the demo. Think it will be a thriling game to play.

tplarkin73527d ago

The combat and graphics were very good. I hate QTEs, though. I expected a far less polished game, but the demo delivered.

Mozilla893527d ago

You mean this isn't the Ninja Gaiden killer that was saying? What a big surprise.

Chubear3527d ago

... actually, Lair never was in the bargain bin, trust me, I looked hard.

The best you could get was a $29.99 sale on amazon or $10 when Circuit city went bust and liquided.. funny thing though, the game sold out real quick before I got one for a friend of mine. Not bad for a game that's been profiled as "teh worst game eva!"

Hell, it still retails at $49.99 or 39.99 at normal retail and gaming outlets. Even used at gamespot and other gaming stores too. Crazy.

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HDDVD_for_the_win3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Flop flop flop.

Wow, it's raining bad news and flops on the 360 these days. Maybe the xbots can use their HDDVD drive as an umbrella.

Wake up Steve Ballmer, time to make an announcement. Cut the price to 10 $, maybe the Japanese will buy 3k more consoles per week (+50 % sales)

iClutch3528d ago

PS3 hasn't stolen crap compared to what the Xbox 360 has done...but I'd rather have more gamers getting their mitts on great games like FFXIII. I really couldn't care less what console it's on (although I do prefer the 360's controller).

HDDVD_for_the_win3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Another bad news for the 360, this exclusive doesn't look that great.

iClutch3528d ago

Under my umbrella-ella-ella-overheat?

iClutch3528d ago

Bargain bin pro gamers...sad that this game couldn't live up to its potential.

3528d ago
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