Xbox 360 Hard Drive Prices Are Ridiculous

Ryan Rigney of presents some eye-opening statistics on the price of Xbox 360 hard drives versus the price of an average, everyday USB hard drive. Turns out, Microsoft is totally ripping off its consumers.

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big shadow4211d ago

They barely realized this?

TheAntiFanboy4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

Yeah, uh, 360 hard drive prices have been silly compared to even externals since the dawn of man. We all know that Microsoft is insane with their accessory prices. This isn't news.

Maxned4211d ago

And this is new to people...? I think that if a company sets a "high" price on an item and people buy it, then they have the right to do that.

CrazzyMan4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

Mmm... NO!

p.s. of`course Microsoft is totally ripping off its consumers, BUT after selling their consoles so cheap, they need somehow to compensate those losses. It`s a business.

Though, i like Sony`s way more... It`s expensive on the start, BUT more cheaper in a long term. =)

p.p.s. actually, @1.4 you are wrong on this:
"That MS can sell hard drives for this much shows that people find their product worth the money,"
It`s called a MONOPOLY, that is the one of the reasons, why i don`t like M$....

BRG90004211d ago

@1.3, good point. I bet they look to the hard drives to help make up for the loss they take on the $199 arcade model. I'm sure a percentage of arcade owners eventually decide to invest in a hard drive.

But I don't really fault a company for pricing its goods high if they sell. If McDonald's sold Big Macs for $20, they wouldn't be "ripping off their consumers" because they wouldn't have any consumers. That MS can sell hard drives for this much shows that people find their product worth the money, and MS shouldn't be expected to lower its prices to be more charitable.

Lifendz4211d ago

what else is new? So is paying to just use an online service.

GiantEnemyFlop4211d ago

lol, may be they finely remove there famboysem goggle and see the truth about 360

Silellak4211d ago

What truth is that? That's a solid system with plenty of great, fun games that many people enjoy as an alternative to Sony's system?


Yeah, the hard drive prices are ridiculous. They've taken the same "overpriced proprietary accessory" path as Apple does, and it's annoying as Hell. However, it doesn't make me have any less fun when I'm playing games on my 360.

soxfan20054211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

MS apparently learned a few lessons in their loss to PS2 last generation. The Xbox included an 8GB hard drive in every console for no extra charge, yet MS watched as PS2 owners gladly forked over $50 for an 8MB memory card.

@1.10 - "they did it"? So, you're admitting that Sony ripped off PS2 owners last generation? Did you own an Xbox last generation with free built in memory, or did you pay Sony for the privilege of saving your games on a PS2?

GiantEnemyFlop4211d ago

"a solid system" r you series ?

PirateThom4211d ago

Awesome reasoning.

"They did it, so it's OK if we do it."

Not to mention, there was cheaper alternatives to the PS2 memory card, no such luck for the 360 HDD.

Silellak4211d ago

Yes, I'm serious.

Unacceptable hardware failure rate aside, the 360 is a solid system. It has a great controller and a great line-up of fun games, and a very well-designed online system that is seamlessly integrated with all aspects of the console.

If it weren't for the ridiculously shoddy hardware, I'd consider it right up there with the SNES and the PS2.

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xwabbit4211d ago

Whaa? they aren't bad, just because i can get a 500GB HDD for my PS3 for the same price as a 120GB 360 HDD doesn't mean its ridiculous

XxZxX4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

classical example of you get what u paid for doesnt apply here. I think this one everybody agreed fanboy or not fanboy.

RKRigney4211d ago


Just because a problem has been around for a long time, it doesn't mean that no one should try to fight it. Rallying against something is how you get it fixed.

Bloodwar4211d ago

If folk don't like paying extra for a 360's harddrive, they can purchase a PS2, a PS3, a PSP, Wii, or a DS.

Argento-Nox4211d ago

@1.8 soxfan2005

As a former Bestbuy/futureshop, I call bullshit on your $50 PS2 memory card. At most, it was $30 which most average joes, teen or otherwise could afford, even sports equipment like a decent baseball bat could cost you more than $30.

MS harddrives are over-priced proprietary products, no arguing about it. A new 500GB western digital (My passport) harddrive just cost me $129, by years end it'll be about $99 or less, while 1 terabyte harddrives will become the norm. A 120GB 360 harddrive is $169, not a large capacity HD by today's standards nor a cheap one at that.

SL1M DADDY4211d ago

Or three for that matter? Heck, a year or so ago I bought a 250 gig hard drive for my PS3 for about 90 bucks. This is not news and anybody just getting wind of this needs to crawl out from that rock a few more times than once a year.

ceedubya94211d ago

Everybody on this site knows that those things are overpriced. Why was this even approved? This isn't news to anybody here. Talk about being late....

Oner4211d ago

"Unacceptable hardware failure rate aside, the 360 is a solid system." ~ Definition of Oxymoron

Pika-pie4211d ago

And the WIFI adapter is just as bad

SaiyanFury4210d ago

Yes, Microsoft's proprietary HDD prices are ridiculous. I still have my 20GB HDD on my 360, but then I don't use it much. A few months ago I swapped my PS3's 60GB HDD with a 500GB model, and it was 20 dollars cheaper than MS's proprietary 120GB model.

y0haN4210d ago

The prices are really horrific. It's to entice more people to the Eltie and Pro SKUs, which are generally a better deal (If you want my opinion, the best deal is the Pro 60GB 360).

Doppy4210d ago

Duh. The 20GB is $60, 60GB is $80, and the 120GB is $100 at gamestop used. with a coupon and edge card they become $42, $56, and $70 which is better, but still too much. I can get a 320GB HDD for the PS3 for $70.

edgeofblade4210d ago

This is no surprise. But what people don't realize is that, with the right equipment, they can upgrade their own drives to 120 GB without having to give MS any more money.

Shepherd 2144210d ago

actually 16GB is usable on your hardrive, not 11GB like this article foolishly states. Just letting all you guys know that, seeing is how i still have my original 20GB 360.

I love how these articles stretch the truth to make their console brand look better than the other.

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Johnny Rotten4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

So for a $150 you can get a 120gb hard drive for you Xbox OR for $100 you can get a 500gb 2.5" internal for your PS3.

sorry but I had to.

mintaro4211d ago

You had every right to, those prices are insane. Especially since the new dashboard update, I barely have the space to install games, let alone download demos.

crck4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

Actually you can get a 320gb 7200 rpm Travelstar Hitachi drive off for $60 after rebate. That's for a 7200 rpm drive that will actually give you faster performance. The prices for 360 hard drives are truly ridiculous. Good thing I bought a used 120 gb 360 drive off ebay for $73 and I still felt ripped off. I can't imagine dropping $150 for that POS.

Max Power4211d ago

is a 500GB harddrive on for 95 bucks.

Lord Vader4211d ago

Ther hardrive prices do suck...

But at least the 360 doesn't require 5GB installs to run games.

Parapraxis4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

Let me finish that sentence for you.

to run games...that were built on 360 then ported to PS3.
Not the other way around.

If you haven't noticed yet, installs on PS3 are becoming more and more uncommon.

Shinro4211d ago

Tell me a 360 game that any of you are currently playing that you haven't installed yet.

I'd install all my 360 games just to rid the noise alone. That and so there wouldn't be much strain on the 360 which leads to hardware failure.

Sarcasm4211d ago

Lord Vader's point is that it doesn't "require" it.

But that really has no justification to the 360 HDD prices.

m-s-8-24211d ago

Lord Vader's point is, for lack of a better term, pointless. No developers will require something that, and im pulling this # out of my arse so don't quote me on this, 50% of the user-base couldn't do out of the box. How many games released on the 360 allow an optional install? I'm only asking because I honestly don't know, but it isn't crazy to assume that if it were a reasonable option, it would be mandatory.

Pika-pie4211d ago

Actually 360 games have a 7-8gb install.. Which is a must for me due to the noise the dvd drive kicks out.

crck4210d ago

@2.8 all 360 games have an optional install now since the NXE update. That's the only reason I had to buy a 120 gb drive. Installed games are so much quieter, run smoother and no read disc errors. Otherwise I would have used my 20 gb hard drive forever instead of paying those insane prices.

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snake-OO4211d ago

its funny , because i can get a 500 gig for my ps3 for 90 pounds, and if i wanna get a 120 gig for my 360 it cost 100 pounds, wat a joke, well thats microsoft for u. wats even more funny is that that in the casing for the 360 hard drive is a standard 2.5 inch sata laptop hard drives, same 1 that goes in the ps3, it seems like ur paying all that money just for the casing.

The Lazy One4211d ago

I think you can get them for cheaper than that now? not positive though.

Game13a13y4211d ago

i thought they use their own technology on the 360 HDD thats why they charge so much because they make their own. if all those extra money only goes to the casing, then whoever buying it is getting their ass majorly ripped off by Microsoft.

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