TGR News Roundup: Animal Crossing is for Pervs, Marvel MMO Survives

Marvel takes a second swing at MMOs, Rumor Killers sounds off on the weeks scuttlebutt, and Animal Crossing is a haven for child predators? All this and more in today's roundup...

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cain1413596d ago

A marvel MMO could be pretty sweet...

cain1413596d ago

I love how mainstream media doesn't do their research...

redfield853596d ago

Don't even get me started. Ugh.

This, Mass Effect, Resident Evil head hurts from all the bs thought up by the media.

DK_Switch3596d ago

It really doesn't help when you have all kinds of lines being blurred between news and speculative entertainment.

Sometimes it feels like integrity has just been thrown out the window by some of these major news corps in the interest of gaining viewers by any yellow-journalistic means necessary.

CNBC? Fox? CNN? If they'd stop pretending that what they do is journalism, it wouldn't be so bad.

peedie163596d ago

I like the super heroes in the Marvel world way better than the ones in the DC world, they are just to perfect

tehk1w13596d ago

Yeah seriously.

Batman is like their only good super hero.

Viewtiful3596d ago

lol I LOVE that story about the pedophiles in Animal Crossing. Uninformed journalism at its finest.

SlamVanderhuge3595d ago

Is there any other kind of mainstream journalism?