Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 And The Second Chance

61FPS Writes:

"Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Tecmo's impending re-release of the Microsoft-published Ninja Gaiden 2, is branded as a remake. We all know better though, don't we? My sincere hope is that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is one of the rare improvements because, unlike its predecessor, Ninja Gaiden 2 wasn't a very good game. Its camera couldn't follow the action, the combat lacked Gaiden's precision, and the environments were cramped and ugly. It felt, as I said in my review, unfinished. The Itagaki-less Team Ninja has a second shot at living up to the first game's legacy. Good luck to them."

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macalatus3598d ago

Expect Sony people who said "it sucked" to say it's now a good game. Also expect the 360 people who defended the broken controls and camera angles to say "it sucked".

Videogame fanboyism FTW!!

XLiveGamer3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I am 100% with you on that.

Now all this Ninja Gaiden haters on PS3 that talk a looooooot of crap about Ninja Gaiden 2 loves the series now. Oooh hipocresy!

Karum3598d ago

I don't know about Ninja Gaiden 2 but I thought Sigma was a good game, great combat and great graphics and ran ever so smoothe. It was just retardedly hard in places, so much so I stopped playing it and ended up trading it in because I got sick of spending hours trying to get past 1 point in the game.

I only recently got a 360 and was thinking of getting NG2 but I like the look of Ninja Blade and will be playing that when it comes out. I think now I might wait a while for more news on Sigma 2 though, if it's a similar game with extra content I might wait on it instead.

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Spydiggity3598d ago

why do fanboys always think they're in a d!ck waving contest?

Ninja-Sama3598d ago

I've always had respect for the NG series, I was actually kinda sad that the reviews were so mixed because of basic things like faulty camera and other bugs, things which are supposed to be fixed pre-release...

Here's hoping this new iteration lives up to the NG name and fully utilizes the power of the PS3.

Danja3598d ago

NG2 was actually a pretty good game IMO.... the game had a few probs but they in no way made the game unplayable...the story was lame as hell though.

NGS was awesome still the graphics were good the sound frame rate ...the only complaint I had was the crappy camera hope they fix it with this outing....

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Kain813598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I have done nothing, no fanboy comment or offensiv things against other users. Can the Mod explain me why he has deleted my comment.

Do you want to make me mouth dead or what? It was a Objectiv Comparsion.

Microsoft Xbox 3603598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

To tell you the truth, the PS3 owners just want to rub into your faces and its working. I bet deep inside you, you're bugged to hell by this fascinating Sigma II news.

rockleex3598d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 for the PS3 is not a port. Its a remake, renamed to Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

I don't know about the 360 version, but this is a remake so it will be different. So it has an equal chance to suck more than the 360 version, or to be WAY better than the 360 version.

But!! I don't doubt Tecmo since they did a great job with Ninja Gaiden Sigma. ^_^

Bnet3433598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

See the thing that pisses me off about NG2 on PS3 is the fact that a lot of dipsh*ts started talking sh*t about NG2 when it came out on 360 calling it a flop and that it sucks compared to DMC or GOW. This game will just come out and that's it, it won't be appreciated on the PS3 as much as it did on 360 because the 3D NG was a true Xbox game from the start. This is the same thing as FFXIII and DMC4 on 360. Of course, there are a few PS3 fans who accepted the game with open arms and I'm glad, but my original statement still stands. Personally after playing NG1 and NG2 with the 360 controller and than playing Sigma with the PS3 controller, it didn't feel the same plus the lack of rumble on Sigma.

EDIT: @ Unicorn

Yes, DMC is a PS2 game from the start and I wouldn't agree to port it to Xbox 360. Same thing with Resident Evil 5, if I ever get that game, it would be on PS3 because I like to keep my collection intact. I don't understand how it doesn't make sense. A lot of idiots here bashed NG to hell it sickens me. Now that it's on PS3 it's all good? Come on dude, that's just foul sh*t. People here suck balls, I talk to alot of N4G members outside of N4G and they make me understand.

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Unicron3598d ago

Kigmal...I know you're smart, but that post makes NO tense and really is hypocritical. A good game will be accepted by gamers, period. There will always be people on the "other side" who bash a title due to jealousy (MGS4 is just a movie, remember?).

3D NG was a true Xbox game from the start? Well, c'mon, DMC was a true PS2 game from the start. So where is the difference there with DMC4 going to Xbox 360 as well as PS3? MGS is a series that has grown up on the Playstation, yet cries for multiplatform still run rampant. How is that any different?

They aren't.

As for controller, I couldn't stand the beefy box controller. The moment Sigma hit the PS3, I was all over the game, and felt the controls were SO much better. To each his own.

KRUSSIDULL3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Again mod explain yourself? Xbox got beta version and PS3 got the full and complete version. I wont give up when devs are ripping of customers.

Edit: Does mods have guidlines themself?

StayHigh3598d ago

If they fix all the problems in Ninja Gaiden 2 of course Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will be better..

Just look at all the review for NG2 bad graphics and camera issues and etc..

I cant wait for NGS2 its going to be a awesome game..

SaiyanFury3597d ago

Am I in the minority here, or am I one of the few people who actually loved Ninja Gaiden 2? I started on the series with Ninja Gaiden Sigma and was blown away by the amazing combat system that NG2 furthered. With the impending Sigma 2, I'm anticipating a great experience, enhanced by things like being able to play as Ayane, much as you were able to play as Rachel in NGS. Add to the mix, the ability to view the game in true 1080p, as I'm sure they will, and we all win.

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blakstarz3598d ago

I don't recall any PS3 people saying the game sucked? Where are you getting that from? If anything I heard from people that have the game say it wasn't all that and even gaming sites have rated this game in the 7.5-8.0 range.

Karum3598d ago

There's been some rabid fanboys that screma about it now and again calling it a flop, over-hyped disappointment etc. etc.

macalatus3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Well, if you looked behind the condescending tone of all fanboy posts you'll know what they meant. Some were explicit and many were implicit. I know it because I was in this site when Ninja Gaiden II was first released.

And yes, I'm a PS3 fanboy myself so I know the ways of my kind! As for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, I never really cared about the original Xbox game so it wouldn't interest me either. NOT that I'm saying "it sucks", mind you, but not exactly my cup of tea. Still, I'm willing to give it a rental.

HDgamer3598d ago

Why are you, a fanboy, in the gamer zone?

Unicron3598d ago

If we are generalizing, Kewlkat, then you mean the Xbox "nation" quickly forgetting that MGS4 is an overhyped movie?

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Sevir043598d ago

The man behind sigma did an awesome job. and his team should be praised for what they did with Sigma so early in PS3's life. I have high hops for this one and will snap it up in a heart beat, especially considering NGS was the first Next gen NG game on the market. it certainly had the edge and looked better than NG2. the engine should serve even better now that it's broken in. ^^

MicroSony3598d ago

Already have on 360, but i think i will buy it again on ps3(the controller is best for my hand).

MiloGarret3598d ago

I'm in the same position as you, though I'll be getting it less for the controller and more for the supposed improvements. I thought NG2 was awesome, with a few but very significant flaws, like the camera. If NG2 Sigma improves upon those flaws then this game will be incredible.

On a sidenote: my 360 finally died, first timer I am, not unexpected but annoying nevertheless. Guess I'll finally be getting KZ2 because I don't feel like playing anything else on my ps3 right now, recommendations? Exclude all the big hitters please as I've already played them all, except LBP, which after trying it at a friends house I won't touch.

Chris3993598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

RPGS/ JRPGS: Folklore (severely under-rated action/ JRPG), Eternal Sonata (better version is the PS3 one in this case, improved textures and extra content), Oblivion (another port that benefits on the PS3), Valkyria Chronicles.
Action/ Adventure: Siren (super fun horror title, fully downloadable and like $30), Heavenly Sword (I know you said exclude 'big hitters' but some people have never actually played the game and it's excellent), Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Lair (download the - free - dragons/ control pack and it fixes the interface issues, game is probably dirt cheap nowadays too).

I also like Genji, which most people hated. But for a launch title the graphics are top-notch and it's your standard ninja/ Onimusha fare.

Hope that helps!

P.S. I was initially turned off by the "cutesy" appeal of LBP, but after playing the game (forcing myself to, really), it grew on me. The sheer amount of content is impressive, and there are so many different worlds/ games to explore for the price of $60.

Lfmesquite3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I mean Ninja Gaiden Sigma was more of a next gen remake of the Ninja Gaiden for XBOX.

I thought Ninja Gaiden 2 on 360 was alright, but honestly not nearly as good as the first. So now Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for PS3 is a remake of Ninja Gaiden 2 for 360.

The difference this time is that there's no new gen to make the jump graphically. This feels more like a port of Ninja Gaiden 2 coming to PS3. But, I hope I'm wrong and they're really remaking it and really improving the gameplay and all.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 has two things going against it compared to the original Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

1. No jump from last gen to next gen in the way of graphics
2. Ninja Gaiden 2 for 360 wasn't quite as good as the original Ninja Gaiden for XBOX.

Danja3598d ago

They already stated it's not a port , they already have a Sigma engine built from scratch for the PS3 plus they are gonna include stuff that can't be found in the 360 version either way aslong as they fix the probs of NG2 plus lots of bonus content to go along....better graphics im good...lots of ppl didn't buy NG2 so many more can now enjoy it if it's a remake " of NG2"

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