Resistance: Retribution Out Today, Chat with the Devs Tomorrow

Cristian Cardona writes: "Finally, the Bend Studio is going to participate in a live chat, here on the PlayStation Blog. John Garvin and Chris Reese will be on hand to answer your questions about making the game, the story, working with Insomniac, etc. Come back by the blog at 12:00 Noon PST and check it out."

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40cal3596d ago

and love it, the infected and PS3 plus modes are awesome.

The visuals are stunning on the PSP screen but there is a step down in quality when playing on my XBR5 as with all PSP games.

The story feels deep so far, the opening with James’ brother was crazy, I just wish I got to push the button/ pull the trigger.

The new enemies and weapons are welcome and very well done. Loving the Razors secondary fire.

All of this and it feels just like its big brothers on the PS3, well more so like the first one. Great job Bend Studio.

If the quality of this game is an indication of the PSP’s line up this year, my PSP will be getting alot of use.

Monty_The_Great3595d ago

about 4 days ago. I actually just traded my DS lite in today and picked up a PSP 3000. Can't wait to try this game out because it looks really good.

40cal3595d ago

Yeah I know what you mean, I had 2 DS lites at one point in time (won them both from Nintendo for sales contests) traded them both in after Mario Kart.

Haven't looked back.

Monty_The_Great3595d ago

Its weird because I used to have a PSP back when they first came out and there were basically no games that I wanted to play. So I traded it in and got a DS Lite, got super mario, metroid, and some brain games. Had a great time with them, but after those games i really just lost all interest. Then Chains of Olympus came out and Liberation and I almost got a PSP again for them. Never really bothered, but then just they other day my buddy said he had a PSP and wanted a DS, so we traded them because i needed some serious portable gaming games. which while the DS is very fun, i find no serious games. So i find myself trying the PSP again.

40cal3595d ago

This year has already seen some big games announced with Resistance today. Then Assassins Creed, Motorstorm, Little Big Planet, and Rock Band all this year. Oh, I almost forgot about Duke Nukem for PSP.

I am sure we will see other titles coming as well, I know I'm still looking forward to FFXIII Agito, and Dissidia.

Monty_The_Great3595d ago

What other games might you suggest? I am pretty much already going to get GTA:VCS and maybe FF&:Crisis Core. Anything else you might think of that is good? I like games that are more on the serious side and, I don't really know why, but don't have a female as the main character.

40cal3595d ago

Both of the Syphon Filter games are excellent, and you definitely need to get Crisis Core.

Metal Gear Portable Ops (A must buy) Manhunt 2, Silent Hill Organs, MLB: The Show, Patapon, Loco Roco, Smack Down vs Raw, Tekken, Super Stardust, Pursuit Force, and Castlevania the Dracula X Chronicles are all games that I have enjoyed alot.

There are also tons of good RPG's. And the PS store has alot of great content also, check out Echochrome.

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