The Implications of OS 3.0 For iPhone Gamers

In the wake of the iPhone OS 3.0 Keynote, iPhone users and gadget fans everywhere have an awful lot of information to digest, but just what does this smorgasbord of news mean for gaming on the iPhone? Read on for AppGamer's take on today's events…

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_Q_3501d ago

made the iphone alot more appealing to me. Hope to see it action myself soon.

BrunoM3501d ago

i see what you mean but in my view ( and i DO have an iphone ) i dont want ti for gaming for that i got my psp (hoping for a psp2 soon )

i love the iphone but for all other things it does not gaming .. but heii nice to see apple trying hard at all they do right ..

Kaneda3501d ago

why would you want to carry around your celphone and psp when you can get the iphone that can do both.. sure iphone is not as nice a PSP games. But pretty decent device for gaming. iphone is just simply awesome.

Tony P3501d ago

The DS or PSP both have longer, deeper, and in cases plain better games than the iPhone currently offers. A ton of titles gamers want just aren't available on the iPhone and have no plans to be ported.

Vol3501d ago

and i'm starting to get really tempted to buy one. That update looks like it could add some pretty ideal stuff.

TheMART3501d ago

Lets hope it gets jailbroken in no time again!

At last the iPhone gets stuff it should have had from the start. Although again its still missing out officially on things that a phone with this pricetag should do, like recording freaking video's!

Good to see with Quickpwn and Cydia about anything can be done. iPhone as a modem for your laptop on 3G with PDAnet for example. Good stuff