UGO: Grand Slam Tennis Preview

UGO writes: "Over the past two decades, EA's been the face of sports videogames. They've developed a gamut of titles from FIFA to Madden to Fight Night. It should come as no surprises to fans then that the monolithic developer will finally toss their hat in the ring, er, court, with Grand Slam Tennis. We had a chance to watch a hands-off preview of the Wii iteration last week EA Gamer's Day event. But before we dig into the title itself, it's worth noting that the company has researched what consumers want from their Wii titles. Or at least what analysts think they want. Wii gamers care less about the next-gen look, than a different, unique experience. Personally, I would love both, but until one of the competitors offers HD visuals with non-traditional game play, that dream's just not in the cards. "

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