IGN: Major League Baseball 2K9 Review

IGN: It's weird for me to say that the best version of MLB 2K9 is on the PS2, but it really is. The oddities that happen in other versions (players running through walls and missing easy fly balls) don't happen nearly as often and the overall experience is, simply put, better here. Sure, it doesn't have a single new feature aside from commentators and a roster update, but the baseball is fun for the most part even if the hardware is older than your kid brother.

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Alcon3503d ago

What is it doing under PS3 and XBox??????
Shouldn't this article be on the PS2 thread?

Otherwise nice score for a PS2 game.

GamerMan3503d ago

good review for a PS2 game and yes it is the better version of the consoles, but it's still a PS2 review