Were Miis Supposed to be Part of Hyrule?

In a nicely-written piece over at MTV News (there's also an interesting video segment of posted on iFilm), Stephen Totilo was amusingly asked to interview Shigeru Miyamoto without asking him any "questions about the future." In his mad dash for an interesting interview despite this obstacle, Totilo struck gold.

"I wanted to know if Nintendo had considered incorporating the popular Nintendo Wii player avatars, the Miis, into the console's launch title, "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess." "The 'Twilight Princess' team [has completed] development," Miyamoto said. "With the popularity of the Miis, they've been having fun just fiddling around with Miis in the 'Twilight Princess' engine. This is something our development teams do all the time once they get done with a game and start thinking about other ideas. It's kind of funny because you can see Miis running around in the ['Zelda'] world of Hyrule, but there's no telling that would ever actually come to fruition. It's just our team members having fun and taking off some stress after a tough development cycle."

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