Wikipedia Founder Starts Gaming Wikia

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has launched a new "open source games magazine" called gaming.wikia. Along with the music-focused tunes.wikia and the self-explanatory cars.wikia and health.wikia, games.wikia is built around the idea that they can foster a community of intelligent, passionate game lovers to provide the content of the "magazine," as well as the discussion. From the press release:

"The 'open-source magazines' we're unveiling today are focused largely around topics where passionate people have already started collaborating online," said Dan Lewis, vice president of business development at Wikia. "The launch of Tunes, Cars, Gaming and Health is a continuation of our mission to open-source the creation and development of content around every topic imaginable--so we are obviously not stopping here."

The new communities have a similar look and feel, and allow people to blog, rate content and freely contribute news and information on topics they are passionate about. Users can access the four new communities through a single log-in and password.

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jedicurt4632d ago

should read "... starts a gaming wiki"

the name of it is gaming.wikia

but it is a wiki, not a wikia