Alleged Images From Wolfenstein Multiplayer Emerge

A public Photobucket gallery containing alleged images from Raven Entertainment's upcoming Wolfenstein has emerged thanks to an unnamed "industry source," reports Shacknews.

The 22 images contained in the gallery don't display much in the way of gameplay, but they do give a good feel for the game's architecture and graphical capabilities -- assuming they are indeed from the upcoming game.

While publisher Activision refuses to comment on the images, they do appear genuine given what we've seen of the game so far.

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THC CELL3501d ago

they best have beach invader or i think this game will not do as well as it did with xbox

Beach was the best and most used map

macalatus3501d ago

And yet, we don't know anything about except for a very few screen shots of the game.

I hate to say this but if it does release in the summer, it may not be that great based on the situation as described above.