GameInformer: Ready 2 Rumble - Revolution Review

Game Informer: Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd encounter a game so thoroughly terrible. Where do I even start? The racial stereotypes? The positively broken controls? The revolting art design?

Ready 2 Rumble sucks in every conceivable way. The controls rely almost completely on remote and nunchuk swings that are so similar that the Wii cannot keep track of what you want to do with any consistency. Pulling back on both is supposed to initiate a backwards dodge, and maybe once every five times it actually works. The rest of the time your character lets loose a flurry of random punches. Harder hits require you to pull back your arm first and then punch forward, but most of the time the backwards motion triggers a weak punch that cancels the wind-up. This is just a small slice of the complete mess. Of course, the AI has no problem blocking and countering most of what you dish out (on purpose or accidentally). If your opponent's Rumble meter fills up it's basically curtains unless you can run away until the round timer runs out.

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slak3504d ago

A 1/10 damm thats bad

3504d ago
frayer3500d ago

I guess the wii won't be remembered for anything other than being a gimmick.