Portable Gamer Review | No Gravity: The Plague of Mind

The Portable Gamer writes:

"For a $9.99 downloadable PSP game, No Gravity: The Plague of Mind has a surprisingly rich history. It is the sequel to a freeware space shooter called, shockingly enough, No Gravity, originally released on PC. A demo of it was then ported to the PSP, where it gained notoriety in the homebrew community for being pretty fun and more notably, actually having production values. Excitement over a potential full version began to build, and the game was then announced for a PSN release back in 2008, and subsequently disappeared, seemingly never to be seen again. Until a mere week before its release on the PSN in late February.

Does it live up to the (relative) hype?"

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CrAppleton3598d ago

I really liked the story that they were pushing on players.. but I wasn't too thrilled with the gameplay

bgrundman3598d ago

It looked like there might be some issues with the controlls on the PSP.

Montrealien3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I am enjoying it, it reminds me of the old Psygnosis ( studio liverpool) franchise Colonie wars, And it`s still impressive for a ps1 Franchise.

CrAppleton3598d ago

Sort of seemed like a re-hash of starfox, but slower..

roblef3598d ago

That's not necessarily a BAD thing. :)

CrAppleton3598d ago

I had no idea this was on PC originally though.. that's cool.. good to see it grew so fast

roblef3598d ago

Seems like a nice "have it in your kit bag" sort of game.