New Spider-Man 3 trailer

Activision just released this brand new trailer of Spider-Man 3, presenting this time the "Subterranean" environments of the game. Quite a change from the usual buildings.

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LSDARBY4632d ago

This games graphics look so crap, i hope it looks better in person cus IGN said it looked awsome. From these trailers, i dont think so

eclipsegryph4632d ago

Those graphics looked... bad? How do you figure? I mean, to each their own, of course, but to me that looked rather stunning. Even the Spider-Man 2 game had great graphics, and this is a step above that.

GaMr-4632d ago

being how I posted this story first... gotta love the bullshyt

PS360PCROCKS4632d ago

you know this was posted and on this site like 4 days ago right? Just to let you know...Anyways it's a dark video and I am sure it will look just fine, these games are about swinging around new york not admiring the pretty trees

BIadestarX4632d ago

Seriously who buy games base on movies? They make this games just to promote the movie. That's why these games tend to suck major.

LSDARBY4632d ago

Yeah, but the spider-man movie games have been quite good

eclipsegryph4632d ago

Well many people think that the Spider-Man 2 game was a fantastic gaming experience, myself included. King Kong was a hell of an underrated FPS... hell, I remember buying The Goonies and Alien 3 games for the NES, which happened to be also great gaming experiences, aside from just great movies.

I mean, of course many of your video games based on movies or books are going to fall short, but there really are quite a few gems out there.

MySwordIsHeavenly4632d ago

AVP 2 is one of the best FPS's EVER!!!

King Kong was amazing! Oh, and Spider-man 1 and 2 were actually very very very good. I can't wait for the third one!!!

BIadestarX4631d ago

Before I'm eaten alive note I said, "tend to suck major". Obviously there are some exceptions. I usually reserve judgment after release on move-based games.

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