Tatsunoko vs. Capcom - Cross Generation of Heroes Review

TheKoalition: With the recent release of the long delayed Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and the highly anticipated Street Fighter IV, next-gen fight fans have been in paradise, throwing Hadoken's at one-another both on-and-offline in epic, glorious 2D battles while Wii owners are left throwing their remotes against walls, as the only battle they compete in these days is fighting the god-awful controls in mediocre games like Wii Music. The Nintendo Wii and fighters simply do not belong together, titles like Mortal Kombat Armageddon and Bleach tried to incorporate motion controls and gestures to replace well timed button combinations and the results were hideous. Almost 2 and a half years into the systems life and the only A-List fighting games available are 15-year-old roms that reside on the Virtual Console. Thank god Capcom is here attempting to save the day!

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ChaoticStupid3598d ago

Horrible review.... Maybe you should go look at real reviews first then come back. Nothing much about the game was said beyond he didnt like the character options.

He spent more time trying to trash the Wii than actually talking about the game. He gave few reasons for saying the game was bad beyond the char select.
Sorry but I think you only like it because he takes shots at the Wii not because you like the "review" which wasnt even there.

N4g_null3598d ago

It's the best VS game capcom has made and if you are a true fighting fan you need to have this along with the other games he trashes.

What is funny is the motion controls actually do work in MK:A you can throw fight balls with street fighter motions which is funny and you can do them even faster than you could with a controller. Now Guilty Gear is not even mention so I guess that shows he is not really a fighter fan.

Man It's like people are getting fired from fast food and start becoming reviewers.

FinalomegaS3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

My friend is a game tester for EA montreal or Ubi and they got this for game room ( how odd i can't remember the company lol) he says if you like the vs games this is great. I'm waiting on Capcom to show us some love and bring this here.

remember my words... let's give capcom a chance.

ChickeyCantor3598d ago

3 buttons, but hell its a fun game!