The Escapist Review: MadWorld

The Escapist: Only a handful of Wii games can boast the hardcore pedigree of MadWorld. The first title by upstart studio Platinum Games (the reincarnation of Clover Studio, responsible for such sleeper hits as Viewtiful Joe and Okami), it features a striking cel-shaded art style, a protagonist with an iconic weapon (mechanic/ex-Marine Jack Cayman and his slightly impractical yet immensely gratifying retractable, arm-mounted chainsaw) and more blood than a Takashi Miike horror flick. It also provides a vehicle for some of the most hilariously vulgar voice work I've ever heard in a videogame, courtesy of veteran actors John DiMaggio and Greg Proops.

So why does it remind me of Cooking Mama?

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Durffen3598d ago

I hope Yahtzee reviews it tomorrow.

N4g_null3598d ago

Yeah that was boring.

So why does it remind me of Cooking Mama? comment makes the writer look lame though I still haven't played that game yet.