The Intel QX6700 CPU Is Taken To Record Breaking Speed Of 4241MHz

In August 2005 Tycoon broke the world record for the Pentium 4 630 processor, and reached an unbelievable speed of 5.5GHz. Two months later, the moderator of Overclocking & Cooling forum, Beni Ronen (known as SubX), broke the world record for an AthlonXP processor, reaching a FSB frequency of 286MHz.

And today, a year and a half later, yet another world record has been broken, now by Guy Ziskind (known as GGuyZ), the moderator of Overclocking & Cooling forum. Guy broke the record with an Intel Core 2 Extreme Q6700 processor (QX6700), Intel's quad-core CPU, with each core running at 2.66GHz at stock – making it a particularly hard nut to crack.

With Guy's expertise, the QX6700, along with the ASUS R.O.G Commando motherboard, cooled by nothing but air, reached a maximum (non-stable) frequency of 4241MHz – at this clock speed the system was so unstable that even taking a screenshot was impossible and a photo of the screen had to be taken with a digital camera.

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Drew4262d ago

SuperPI 1M in 12 seconds. I'm in awe.

blackmagic81034262d ago

holy mother of god that fast