Why Mass Effect 2 Won't Be Coming To The PS3

Blend Games writes:

"With the news surfacing about BioWare -- who is now wholly owned by Electronic Arts -- formally announcing Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox 360 and PC, it has become rather obvious that this wasn't heading to the PS3 and here's a few possible reasons why."

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solidjun53598d ago

Another account, same dribble. SMH.

Why dis3598d ago

Tell me about it are all of you rejects cut from the same cloth?

STFU troll no one wants to hear it.

solidjun53598d ago

I find it funny that you call me a TROLL. Have you looked in the mirror you artard!!

solidjun53598d ago

I don't swing that way.

CriminallyInsane3598d ago

Is my boyfriend

Don't dis fockers

gamersden3598d ago

It is videogamer another fanboy website

EA /Bioware didnt deny Mass effect 2
so definitely a ps3 announcment could be and would be made at GDC/e3

In order to survive EA has to make this game available on PS3

NewZealander3598d ago

i only own an XBOX360 so dont hate me for saying this will probably go to ps3, i mean why wouldnt it?

i would love for it to stay exclusive but i would almost put money on a ps3 port, probably containing the origonal ME on the same disc, it may not be released along side the 360 version but it will happen.

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meepmoopmeep3598d ago

so wait...

does Mass Effect suck or not?


cyguration3598d ago

there's no way it could be considered sucky.

3sq3598d ago

Does it matter? It's on PC as well. Everyone has a PC these days (I'm using PC to give comment here at N4G so do you). :P

JsonHenry3598d ago

Yeah, the game was pretty good if you like long action/RPG style games. The story was amazing, the voice acting kicked ass, and the visuals were not too bad for a console game.

Mikerra173598d ago

because thats all M$ could afford for exclusivity rights

jib3598d ago

not everyone owns a PC that could run mass effect

my pc can but i'd still rather play with a controller/50in tv sitting on the couch

eagle213598d ago

We've seen this before:

Bioshock 2
Dead Rising
Lost Planet
Eternal Sonata
Ninja Gaiden 2 :p

I think the original ME will be "ported" to PS3 around launch of ME2.

GiantEnemyCrab3598d ago

Well it sucks if your a PS3 only owner and don't have a decent PC to play it on.

TheAntiFanboy3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Who cares what platform it's on? This is a great game series. It's a deep, fun, engrossing game, no matter what platform you play it on. That's all that matters.

joydestroy3598d ago

@ jib
you can run it on a PC and output the video to that tv, and grab up an X360 controller. AND play it from your couch.

but booooo at it not coming to the PS3! i don't even care about starting with a new character. i just think i'd enjoy playing it off my PS3 more.

tatotiburon3598d ago

people are really funny when they think that every PC of the market can run ME2, yeah "Everyone has a PC these days" try to run ME2 in a pentium IV with 1GB ram and 256MB of video in HIGH SETTINGS...yeah everyone has a Dual Core or AMD X2 with 3GB ram and 8600GT video card.

slak3598d ago

That sucks I guess ps3 people are going 2 have 2 wait for it on 2012 or get it on pc

eagle213598d ago

Everyone on N4G most likely has a decent PC. :)

Capt CHAOS3598d ago

No they don't. I don't for a starters and there a plenty who don't.

3598d ago
Eddie201013598d ago

Mass Effect was a decent game, but in My opinion it was not a triple a tittle and if I were giving it a score it would be an 8. I'm fine with it not coming to the PS3, might be nice for some, but I wouldn't feel like I"m missing anything if I didn't have an Xbox 360.

As for the other games mentioned in the article, Blacksite area 51 sucked on both systems, Turok sucked on both systems, Smackdown VS. Raw sucked on both systems, and Grand theft Auto didn't suck on both systems. Just proves that the Xbox fans will buy anything with the first three mentioned, and with Grand Theft Auto 4 the guy needs to look at numbers again, while it didn't sell as many copies as the Xbox 360 version at launch, it has been a steady seller since on the PS3, even with it selling fewer copies at launch it still sold in the millions. GTA4 shouldn't have been used in the comparison.

GWAVE3598d ago

Although I'm not saying that ME2 WILL or WON'T come to the PS3...

...this author's only argument is "Oh, it would be SOOO hard to port this game to PS3! Therfore, it won't go to the PS3", and that's stupid. Fanboys used that same argument to "prove" that FF13 would never go to 360 and that Bioshock would never go to PS3...and look what happened.

On a side note, the author tries to use the "multiplats don't sell as well on teh PS3!", and that's stupid. One of the very games he mentions (GTA4) was recently confirmed by R* to sell just as well on the PS3 as it did on the 360.

anh_duong3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

william usher what a suprise.. william how about i tell you that the cfo of the biggest division within EA disagrees with you..

william usher, the guy who thinks that flower, flow, or any of the art games shouldn't belong on the ps3

i mean william usher says sales ps3 sales for gta 4 were bad???? and he says that mass effect 2 is built for xbox 360 from the ground upwards when mass effect was built using the unreal engine which is a generic engine available to both consoles.. we know how well mass effect one coped technically with the xbox don't we - built from the ground up my fricking @rse. stupid ignorant comment. he then goes on to say let's ignore japanese sales because obviously japan doesn't count - how retarded is this comment????

furthermore does he realise that japan is one of the biggest market for rpg??? hence the release of a ps3 rpg such as mass effect 2 in japan should be hugely successful as well as promote EA presence in japan. doesn't EA want to compete with squaresoft and build a fanbase in the one territory it doesn't reign over?? kill two birds with one stone.

the guy is a certifiable muppet...

the sooner this generation gets rid of ignorant journalists like him the better it will be. i really do think that william usher is one of the worst journalist in the gaming industry.

the truth is ms has to pay for time exclusivity because mass effect two comes in multi-dvd. ms can't afford multi-console owners to switch to a single disc blu-ray version. the reason is as simple as this.

ThatOneGuyThere3598d ago

Who said the xbox runs it at high settings? LOL @ U.

eagle213598d ago

And I guess only 2 people on N4G have a "decent" PC. Hold up, make that zero. Don't want to offend anyone. :)

FarEastOrient3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

@Eagle 21

I'm going to get this game on my PC because the first ran so much better on my PC than on my Xbox 360. But I do agree with you, not everyone can afford to spend $3800 building a PC tower to edit graphics with.

There is a big difference between what the Xbox360 can handle compared to a PC and there is a big difference in how they process data. For example the world generator wasn't very good with textures being very flat on the Xbox 360 when compared to the PC version there is an attempt to add surface polygons and texture screening.


The actual press release was written in the same way Final Fantasy XIII and Bioshock was announced to the public, which we all know became multi-platform. The problem is they are still not plastering on the end of the trailers the Xbox Logo and the words "Only for Xbox 360."

cayal3598d ago

Mass Effect was amazing. I expect nothing different from Mass Effect 2, Bioware are a top company. Sony should have tried to get ME2, it would have been a big hit to Microsoft, but the game is going to sell.

MNicholas3598d ago

who says that it wouldn't make sense to port Mass Effect to the PS3 because the PS3 has lower "3rd party" sales outside of Japan.

1) The PS3 has a far larger installed base than the 360 did when Mass Effect was released.

2) The PS3 versions of high profile 3rd party games like Virtua Fighter, Resident Evil, and COD4 actually have higher specific sales (sales per console) than the 360 versions.

The list can go on but needless to say, his kind of logic is "tenuous" at best.

RPG's typically sell much better with Playstation owners and the numbers back this up (just as FPSs typically sell better on the 360). It's a cultural/personality difference between owners of these respective platforms.

nnotdead3598d ago

i still need to finish the game though. bought on Steam not to long ago but been busy with SFIV and Killzone. maybe later tonight i will play a little.

Bnet3433598d ago

I don't care who you are, anyone who says ME is a bad game is a definite retard. The only thing bad about ME is the elevator rides which are tolerable and the fact that it was kind of short.

deeznuts3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

You don't need a high end pc to run these games at the resolution 360 and ps3 run at.

580p? 640p?

In any event I have all 3 (and a Wii but that doesn't count) so it doesn't matter what platform it comes to.

No Way3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I'm with you on that on!!

@Kigmal - Short? o.O I finished my first run through at about 45 hours.

jammy_703598d ago

microsoft payed a lot...

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solidjun53598d ago

from that point on, I'm like "I'll come up with my own conclusions".

fire233598d ago

And tomorrow we will probably see a story saying "Why Mass Effect 2 will be coming to the PS3".

TheAntiFanboy3598d ago

Well I'm hopeful. If it comes to the PS3, then it'll be on 3 platforms, expanding its chances of making sales. That'll be a huge boon for this wonderful game series.

dachiefsman3598d ago

/agreed this point counter point is all an attempt to get page hits.

cornfedgamer3598d ago

Mass Effect is such an awesome game, despite its flaws. Most games can't overcome their flaws, but if Mass Effect can overcome the worst inventory management mechanics ever in a video game you know it has to be something special. If it goes PS3 it'll just reach a larger market and no longer be used as ammunition in fanboy wars. Plus the developer makes more money to invest in Mass Effect 3 and we all win.

-EvoAnubis-3598d ago

Not a single one of these reasons holds any water.

So, how'd that turn out?

SL1M DADDY3598d ago

Get a chuckle out of that find you made here. Good one. lol

tda-danny3598d ago

Good find. I love how someone can disagree with you that Bioshock didn't stay M$ exclusive...

-EvoAnubis-3598d ago

...just to be sure we're all on the same page.

If you think that Mass Effect 2 isn't coming to the PS3, you're just not thinking. Actually, it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see it as a timed exclusive on the 360/PC, and then to put ME+DLC+ME2 on one BD-ROM and sell it to PS3 owners. Regardless of if it happens exactly like that or not, trust in one thing; you are living FANTASIES if you think EA won't put this on the PS3.

To put it in another light, lets look at a recent EA game that came to 360 first, then came out better on the PS3 later. Red Alert 3 ringing any bells?

Feel free to quote me on this. It. Will. Happen.