9.0 Street Fighter IV FightPad Review

Fighting games have always been a strange breed of games, even from the humble NES days, as each fighting game released always seems to have some peripheral accompany it to try and accommodate the needs of more serious players. While you have your NES Advantages and other, legitimate joysticks, there are also the specialty fighting pads, designed to offer button layouts and D-Pads more accommodating than what would be found on a standard controller. MadCatz, for the release of Street Fighter IV, has come out with two sticks and one controller for each console. While PS3 gamers may be fine with the D-Pad afforded to them by the DualShock 3 and SIXAXIS controllers, Xbox 360 owners are quite used to a D-Pad that leaves much to be desired. So, does the Street Fighter IV FightPad help bring consistency to fighter controls?

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