Devil May Cry series ships 10 million units

Capcom just announced that the Devil May Cry series has passed the 10 million unit shipped mark.

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Forbidden_Darkness3596d ago

and an announcement of DMC5 is on the way :)

Bnet3433595d ago

and a $5 DLC versus mode to accompany it.

panasonic233596d ago

devil may cry 5 you get to play as Vergil please Capcom please.

jay23596d ago

And RE 5's already shipped 4Mill, this DMC announcement is not really a huge achievement.

ChaoticStupid3595d ago

True 10 million over 4 games isnt that great. MKWii has shipped around 14 million this gen alone. GTA has shipped around 13 million units this gen alone, not even counting the DS release numbers when its done.
Good series though and good sales. Not all franchises need 40million in sales.

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cayal3595d ago

I think Capcom would take 2.5 million per game easy.

resistance1003595d ago

With the exception of GTA, Halo, GT (Not including Prologue's) and Mario (main titles) i can't see many franchises which the developers would be disappointed with 2.5million a game

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The story is too old to be commented.