appVersity Review: Flight Control

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were handed complete control over LA's air space during your coffee break? Find out in this brilliant new casual game from Firemint!

The goal of this game is to create paths for planes to follow as they near the runway at the airport. Just touch and drag to guide the planes to their destination. Right now there are 4 different aircraft: Helicopters, propeller planes, jets, and jumbo jets. The helicopters are the slowest, and have to be guided to the helipad, while the propeller planes have to be guided to the smaller runway. Both the jets and jumbo jets land at the main runway, but the jumbo jets are the fastest of the bunch. The controls are simple really, but you have to make sure none of the planes will land at the same time as another, or crash in mid flight! The game starts off easy, but when nearing about 15 or 20 planes landed, that's when it really gets chaotic.

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